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LEGO Fortnite: How To Get Malachite (Epic Pickaxe, Malachite Slab)

A rare resource hidden in the snowy mountains!


In LEGO Fortnite one of the essential resources you’ll need is Malachite. Malachite is a crucial resource in LEGO Fortnite, primarily found in the Frostlands biome. To effectively gather Malachite, you’ll need an Epic or better Pickaxe. Focus your search on the edges of the large ice mountains in the Frostlands, though it’s possible to find Malachite in random spots across this biome​​.

The Malachite in LEGO Fortnite is then used to make the Malachite Slab. The slab is an Epic item used for crafting buildings materials and weapons.

Craft Epic Pickaxe To Mine Malachite

Before you can efficiently mine for Malachite, crafting an Epic Pickaxe is a necessity.

Press “R1” or “RB” to access the upgrade screen and upgrade your crafting bench to the highest level you’ll need 15x Copper Bars, 25x Obsidian Slabs, and 1x Brute Scale to fully upgrade the crafting bench in LEGO Fortnite, which then allows you to craft the Epic Pickaxe. Remember that there are three levels of the crafting bench, each requiring a different set of materials to upgrade.

Using the crafting bench we can craft the uncommon bench first. Interact with the upgraded bench and use 3 wooden rods and 3 skeleton bones to craft an “Uncommon” level green forest axe.

Take your new axe to a Grassland biome cave and harvest Knotroot, vital for upgrading your pickaxe. Take the harvested Knotroot and process it in a lumber mill to create Knotroot rods.

Combine 3 Knotroot rods and 3 skeleton bones at the crafting bench to create an Uncommon level pickaxe. This pickaxe allows you to harvest advanced materials like Marble from Grassland caves, and is a stepping stone towards crafting the Epic Pickaxe​.

How To Craft Malachite Slab In LEGO Fortnite

crafting Malachite slab in LEGO Fortnite

Once you have Malachite in your possession, the next step is to process it into a Malachite Slab, used for Village Upgrades and crafting various Charms and Totems.

  1. Build a Stone Breaker: In any Village, construct a Stone Breaker utility machine.
  2. Process Malachite: Use the Stone Breaker to process each piece of raw Malachite into a Malachite Slab​​.

In summary, gathering Malachite in LEGO Fortnite involves upgrading your tools, specifically crafting an Epic Pickaxe, and processing the Malachite into slabs.

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