The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie brings back fan favorite features from previous games, including fishing. Rean and Lloyd can take a break from their adventures to go for a calming fishing trip. The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie fishing guide will take you through the process of fishing by offering information on all fish locations.


There are 26 fishes in The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie and each has its own unique item drop. You don’t have to catch all the fish but catching all fish is required to complete the side questline available in the late stages of the main story.

How to Fish in The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie

To fish in The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie, you need to purchase fishing supplies from Crossbell Fisherman’s Guild. You need to purchase bait as well as fishing lines. Keep in mind that to catch better fish, you’ll need to buy better fishing lines in The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie.

Another thing to note is that the fish bait is often dropped by enemies so you won’t have to always purchase it from Crossbell Fisherman’s Guild.

The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie Fishing tips and fish locations.

The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie Fish Locations

Fish NameLocation
KasaginHarbor District wharf
Sky GillHarbor District wharf, Armorica Village
Snow CrabYmir Valley, Mater Park
CarpYmir Valley, Dreichels Plaza
Tiger ArowanaOld Armorica Road rest area, St. Ursula Medical College, Lake Elm Wetlands 2
RockeaterArmorica Village
AzelfishArmorica Village
Red PerchDreichels Plaza
CobraheadTrue Reverie Corridor, Mishelam Wharf
Cobalt CrabAncient Battlefield Underground Path
CangiruHarbor District wharf
Noble CarpSt. Ursula Medical College
PufferNord Highlands – North
Spiked PufferTrue Reverie Corridor
Rainbow TroutMainz Mountain Path 2, Lake Elm Wetlands 2, West Crossbell Road
Forest GillLake Elm Wetlands 2
Pink AzelfishLakeside Beach
ElecantusMishelam Wharf
Quicksilver CarpKnox Forest Path 1
Blue MarlinTrue Reverie Corridor
Northern ArowanaUrsula Road 1
Marble SnakeheadUrsula Road 3
PearlglassLake Elm Wetlands 1
Glutton SharkTrue Reverie Corridor
Gold SalmonWest Crossbell Road
Jeweled CancerCatch the previous 25 fishes and speak with the Fisherman’s Guild members in Ursula Road 2

Fish Item Drops

Fish NameItem Drop
KasaginMirage Sepith x8
Mirage Sepith x 16
Mirage Sepith x24
Snow CrabU-Material x1
U-Material x2
U-Material x3
CangiruTime Sepith x8
Time Sepith x 16
Time Sepith x24
Sky GillWater Sepith x8
Water Sepith x 16
Water Sepith x24
CarpTear Balm
Teara Balm
Tearal Balm
AzelfishS-Tablet x1
S-Tablet x2
Spirit Incense x1
Red PerchFire Sepith x10
Fire Sepith x20
Fire Sepith x30
Tiger ArowanaEarth Sepith x10
Time Sepith x20
Space Sepith x30
RockeaterEarth Sepith x10
Earth Sepith x20
Earth Sepith x30
PufferCuria Balm x1
Curia Balm x2
Recuria Balm x1
Rainbow Trout7-types Sepith x4
7-types Sepith x8
7-types Sepith x12
CobraheadSpace Sepith x12
Space Sepith x24
Space Sepith x36
Cobalt CrabWater Sepith x15
Water Sepith x30
Water Sepith x45
Spiky PufferFire Sepith x15
Fire Sepith x30
Power Incense x1
Noble CarpCelestial Balm
Celestial Balm EX
Life Incense
Quicksilver CarpU-Material x3
U-Material x6
U-Material x9
Forest GillWind Sepith x20
Wind Sepith x40
Wind Sepith x60
Pink AzelfishSepith Mass x15
Sepith Mass x30
Sepith Mass x45
ElecantusShield Potion
Shield Potion II
Fortitude Droplet
Gold SalmonSpace Sepith x20
Space Sepith x40
Space Sepith x60
Northern ArowanaMind Potion
Mind Potion II
Magic Droplet
Marble SnakeheadProxy Puppet
Last Moment Puppet
Brave Seed
Glutton SharkTear Balm
Teara Balm
Tearal Balm
PearlglassTear Balm x2
Teara Balm x2
Tearal Balm x2
Jewel Cancer7-Types Sepith x999
Blue Marlinn/a

That’s all you need to know on how to fish and fish locations in The Legend of Heroes Trails Into Reverie. If you have something to add, let is know in the comments below.