In Last Pirate: Survival Island, you’ll naturally face all sorts of enemies ranging from grizzly bears to weapon-wielding armor-clad skeleton soldiers. When it’s not aggressive foes, you have to keep your hunger and thirst in check in order to survive. In our Last Pirate Survival Island Guide below, we share tips that will make you more effective in combat scenarios and other survival aspects such as countering hunger and thirst.


Fighting, Hunger And Thirst In Last Pirate Last Pirate Survival Island

When you have invested so much time exploring and gathering resources, it’s best to keep them safe and secure back at your camp. However, everything may not go according to plan as enemies are always roaming around in Last Pirate. This puts both your health and the items’ durability at risk.

Thus, you need good weapons and tools to fend off the enemy at all costs. This calls for a good melee weapon like hammer or club. If their durability runs low, you can always repair them back with the appropriate materials. Otherwise, you can upgrade them to their superior versions dealing more damage and offering higher durability.

For ranged weapons, it’s best to stick with bows and arrows for the earlier part of the game.  Later, you’ll get access to firearms so it’ll be easier to take down enemies. After fighting with a few enemies, you’ll notice a particular pattern which you can exploit. Simply walk back as your foe is targeting or aiming at you. This will ensure they just keep aiming without ever firing their weapon or dealing damage to you.

In turn, you can attack them as you continue to make use of this “walking back” maneuver. At this point, this seems like a glitch or bug that might get fixed in the next patch. Till then, you can make full use of this technique. If you’re wounded from a fight, you can use bandages to patch up so as to regain health. It’s also beneficial to craft health potions as they will be more effective in regenerating health in the middle of combat.

Hunger and thirst

When you’re not fighting, you need to look at the other aspects of your survival, namely hunger and thirst. For staying rehydrated, you can survive a little on coconuts and bananas. Eventually, you need to build a water catcher that helps you chug down a whole water bottle for quenching your thirst.

In terms of satisfying hunger, it’s best to cook meat you collect from hunting down animals like chickens, cows, goats, etc. Be sure not to consume raw meat as this will have an adverse effect on your health by inflicting debuffs.

That is all for our Last Pirate Survival Island guide on how to fight, counter hunger and combat thirst. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on gathering resources.