Like all the popular survival games that the Last Pirate is based on, this mobile game sets you on an island prompting you to use your environment to build materials for your survival. Though you’ll be exploring for resources on your own, we’ve put this guide together for some quick and easy tips to ease off the tedious process. Check out our Last Pirate Materials Guide below


How To Gather Materials In Last Pirate

The first step towards gathering materials is to harness the power of your tools. These include both sharp and blunt equipment like hammers, hatchets, and pickaxes, etc. Once you’ve found them lying around, you’re ready to go on your business to harvest materials from your surroundings.

The most essential of the bunch are Wood and Stone, both of which have many utilities and applications. For one, they will be useful in repairing your tools. It’s needless to say, amongst the simplest items for these two resources, chop down trees and break down stones.

Materials in the game are highlighted with a blue aura that makes them easier to view and interact with. You need to head back to your camp every once in a while to stock up materials to safeguard them and clear space in your inventory. It should also be noted that once you die, the materials you carry on yourself are lost and only reclaimed by watching ads or paying gold. Thus, it’s best to use your camp to reserve materials.

Resources are needed in building structures like shelters and camps, as well as ones already discussed above like weapons and useful equipment. They’ll be needed when you upgrade either of the facilities. After all, you cannot count on your basic harvesting tools forever.

As you gather more resources you can upgrade your hatchets and other weapons in the crafting menu. This will allow the material-gathering process to be even more efficient and quicker.

That is all for our Last Pirate Materials Guide. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our survival guide that covers how to fight, combat hunger and thirst.