Last Oasis Trading Stations Guide – Economy, Trade-able Items

Last Oasis trading stations

In the Last Oasis, the Trading Stations are a hub structure created inside the oases. These stations are used to connect multiple oases together to create a track network in the game and develop an economy. The game’s global player-driven economy is driven by actual supply and demand.

Last Oasis Trading Stations

The trading stations are also used as safe zones in the Last Oasis. When these structures are anchored in place, a perimeter of watchtowers outside the trading station. When the player enters this area they can’t be engaged by other players and other enemies.


The player-driven in-game economy is a crucial part of the Last Oasis. As resources become scarce the economy will play an important role. Those who harvest resources will dominate the economy. Trading Stations in the Last Oasis do have NPC offers at a standard rate. Moreover, trading stations collect a tax every time a player makes a profit. Usually, the tax rate is 10% per sale. You should this in mind when pricing your items. Here is the list of tradeable items:

  • vitamins
  • raw resources
  • weapons
  • armor

Trading Tables

The trading tables are where all business transactions take place. The trading tables are available at all trading stations in the Last Oasis.

Buy and Sell Orders

The buy and sell orders system work pretty similar to other games with economies. Buy orders are placed by any player who has a price in mind for an item he wishes to sell. The player then creates Buy order at the trading station. Meanwhile, the sell orders are created the same way buy orders are created. Just click on the sell order option. Instead of buying an item, you create an offer for the item you wish to purchase.

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