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Last Epoch Sentinel Void Knight Mastery Guide

Best Passives to Unlock First


Welcome to the Last Epoch Sentinel Void Knight Mastery Guide! In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of mastering the Sentinel Void Knight class in Last Epoch, a popular action role-playing game. The Sentinel Void Knight is a formidable warrior who specializes in manipulating the Void, a dark and powerful force that can be used to devastate foes and protect allies.

This class is a versatile hybrid of melee and spellcasting, making it a popular choice for players who enjoy a mix of offensive and defensive playstyles. Through this guide, we will explore the skills, passives, and gear choices that can help you maximize the potential of your Sentinel Void Knight.

Whether you are a seasoned player looking to optimize your build or a new player just starting out, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to become a true master of the Sentinel Void Knight. So, grab your weapons, attune yourself to the Void, and let’s begin the journey toward mastery.

Sentinel Void Knight Mastery Tree

MasteryEffectMax PointsLevel RequirementMastery Requirement
Void WellIf you possess three or more void essences, utilizing a skill that requires at least 40 mana results in the consumption of the void essences to reimburse the mana cost. However, this effect can only occur once every ten seconds.145Essence of the End
Future StrikeEach allocated point provides a 10% chance that when you strike an enemy, a subsequent attack will be inflicted after 2 seconds, dealing 60 void damage as a single instance at the end of its duration. This attack, known as Future Strike, is classified as damage over time rather than a hit.1015
DreadEach allocated point grants an 8% increase in void damage and a 1% increase in movement speed.1540
Null VelocityIf you employ an ability that causes your mana to drop below 0, you receive a 7% increase in movement speed per allocated point for a duration of 4 seconds.225
Plate SpikesEach allocated point reduces armor by 15, while simultaneously adding 2 melee physical damage.520
WoeIf you’ve recently killed an enemy with a melee attack, each allocated point provides a 7% increase in melee damage, as well as a 5% increase in both armor and void protection.2040
FinalityWith each allocated point, enemies that you reduce below 3% health with a melee attack are immediately killed.515
Essence of the EndFor each allocated point, there is a 4% chance to acquire a void essence upon killing an enemy. These void essences last for 7 seconds, and provide a 15% increase in void damage, a 15% increase in melee damage, and a 10% reduction in stun duration. You can possess a maximum of 3 void essences simultaneously.535
Void BladesEach allocated point increases the void damage dealt by melee attacks by 3 on hit.810
Eternal FormEach allocated point adds 1 point to vitality and 3 points to health.830
Umbral AttunementEach allocated point provides a 4% increase in damage and grants 1 point to attunement.1010
Heavy Endurance TrainingEach allocated point adds 1 point to strength and 3 points to health.830
Void BoltsEach allocated point adds 2 void damage to spells and throwing attacks upon hit.815
Unending HungerFor each allocated point, Dark Maw absorbs an extra 1% of health.520Dark Maw
Time LitheEach allocated point adds 1 point to dexterity and 3 points to health.3030
Devouring BladeIf you’ve slain an enemy in the previous 4 seconds, each allocated point provides a 10% increase in damage.10n/a
Abyssal EnduranceEach allocated point grants an additional 7 points to health and 15 points to void protection.10n/a
Dark MawWith each allocated point, there is a 5% chance to absorb 5% of an enemy’s health upon killing them.510
Void FluxIf your health drops below 20%, you can trigger this effect once every 30 seconds: all enemies in the vicinity are propelled forward in time by 4 seconds.145
Void CorruptionFor each point invested in the Void Knight skill tree, the critical strike multiplier is increased by 1%.110
World EaterEach allocated point grants a 1.5% leech of melee and void damage as health.85
Rot RipplesUpon killing an enemy affected by Time Rot, nearby enemies have a chance of being infected with Time Rot, with a 10% increased chance per allocated point.520
Patient DoomEvery 3 seconds, your next melee attack deals increased damage, with a 30% increase per allocated point.55
Void AegisWith each allocated point, there is a 5% chance to gain Void Aegis upon being hit. Void Aegis reduces damage taken by 10% (multiplicative with other effects), but breaks after taking 100 damage, releasing a Void Rift that damages nearby enemies.535
Sorrow and SteelFor each allocated point, there is a 7% increase in both void and physical damage.105
Singular PurposeFor each point allocated, block chance and block protection are reduced by 10%, while void damage and void protection are increased by 5%.525
Rot GripMelee attacks have a chance of applying Time Rot to enemies on hit, with a 2% increased chance per allocated point.525

Once you unlock the mastery trees in the base tree, you can allocate points into any of the masteries until level 25. You can still spend points in the mastery tree after that, but you won’t gain levels for that class tree unless it’s ascended. Ascend into any mastery class by completing the mastery quest in End of Time.

You’ll be able to gain more levels in mastery and not be able to ascend into any other classes. Your class will be updated with your new mastery once you ascend.

Note: To access the Void Knight Mastery tree you first need to unlock mastery in Last Epoch. It is a whole other process that our detailed guide explains.

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