Are you looking for the best starter build in Last Epoch’s Update 0.9 Multiplayer? Look no further! This guide will provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of the best starter build, focusing on the powerful Pyre Golem and its interactions with other minions.

With this build, you’ll be able to summon powerful minions, generate Ward and Mana for yourself, and deal massive damage to your enemies to prepare for this endgame. We will also discuss how to buff your Pyre Golem with Dread Shade, summon Flame Wraiths with Echoes Inside and Army of Wraiths, and more.

Best Starter Build For 0.9 Multiplayer

For our best starter build for Lost Epoch multiplayer, we will be using the Acolyte Class.


HelmetRevenant Cowl+73 Armor
30-60% Minion Damage
Body ArmorBurial Plate+163 Armor
BeltRanger’s Belt+5 Potion Slots
GlovesOutcast Gloves+21 Armor
BootsArcane Boots+13-28% Necrotic Resistance


Horned Staff (Main)Base Attack Rate: 0.92
+79 Melee Damage
+79-91 Spell Damage
+1 Minnion Skill Level
Fleshbound Tome (Off-hand)+13-16 Intelligence
36-66% Minion Damage
36-66% Minion HP

Rings and Amulet

Rings and AmuletStats
Turquoise Ring5-35% Increased Minion Damage
5-35% Increased Minion HP
5-35% Increased Minion Crit in Multiplayer
Ruby Ring+28-45% Fire Resistance
+28-45% Fire Damage
Amulet+18-42% Fire Resistance
+18-42% Lightning Resistance


To have a 100% chance of summoning a Flame Wraith using your Summon Wraith ability, you need to find enough Adorned Immortal Idols that have the Idol Acolyte Chance For Summon Wraith To Summon Flame Wraith.

For the remaining idols, focus on the following affixes: Resistances, Shared Fire Damage, Idol Health, Idol Acolyte Increased Health, Idol Increased Health, Idol Acolyte Minion Increased Fire Damage, Volatile Zombie Damage, and Explosion Area, or Idol Acolyte Increased Ward Retention.


Summon WraithAllows you to summon a wraith that will quickly disappear from this world. However, during its short lifespan, it will search for your enemies and attack them.
Summon Bone GolemSummons a bone golem that attacks at a slow pace. However, it has a special ability where it has a 15% chance to strike back with a powerful attack called Bone Shatter when it’s hit.
Dread ShadeWhen you use this ability on a minion, it will continuously lose 3% of its maximum health per second for every second that the shade remains active. However, the affected minion and other nearby minions will gain a bonus of +10 damage for necrotic spells and attacks. Additionally, they will deal 50% more necrotic damage than they normally would.
Summon Volatile ZombieSummons a Volatile Zombie that will move slowly toward the closest enemy. Once it reaches an enemy or is defeated, it will explode and cause damage to nearby enemies in the form of both physical and fire damage.
Summon SkeletonSummon a skeleton warrior or archer that will protect you. However, there is a limit of three skeletons that you can have at one time.


This build can be leveled up quite easily. Level up Summon Bone Golem, Summon Volatile Zombie, and Summon Wraith as soon as possible.


Passive SkillEffect
Stolen VitalityFor every point of vitality that you have, your character gains an additional 10 health points. Furthermore, your health regeneration rate is increased by 2% for each point of vitality.
Dark RitualsProvides a boost in attack and casting speed for your minions. Notably, if you have recently used a minion skill within the last 10 seconds, this bonus will also apply to you.
Soul AegisAs your character gains levels, your minions will also receive an increase in armor. This means that the higher your character level, the more additional armor your minions will have.
Forbidden KnowledgeFor every point of Intelligence you have, your character will gain 4% Ward Retention. Additionally, skills that depend on magic that is carefully studied, such as Rip Blood and Summon Skeleton, will be improved by increasing your Intelligence.
Mania of MortalityWhen an enemy, ally, or minion dies in close proximity to you, there is a 10% chance that you will gain a ward.
Unnatural Preservation+40% Ward Retention
+20% Necrotic Resistance
+20% Poison Resistance

Blessings and Timelines

Best TimelinesBest Blessings
Fall of the OutcastsGrand Winds of Fortune
Grand Mark of Agony
Grand Scales of Greed
Spirits of FireGrand Heart of the Caldera
Grand Spirit of Command
Reign of DragonsGrand Resolve of Humanity
Grand Persistence of Will
Grand Dream of Eterra
Grand Survival of Might
Grand Virtue of Command
The Age of WinterGrand Resolve of Grael
Grand Protection of Heorot
The Black SunGrand Memory of Light
Grand Echo of Solarum
Reign of DragonsGrand Persistence of Will
Grand Resolve of Humanity
Grand Dream of Eterra
Grand Survival of Might
Grand Virtue of Command

It’s time to wrap up our guide to the best multiplayer build for Last Epoch’s Update 0.9. We hope this guide has been informative and helpful in your quest to dominate the game. Feel free to experiment and customize this build to suit your playstyle. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Last Epoch’s multiplayer mode.

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