The adult dating sim Koikatsu Party, came out a while ago and it allows you to create your own custom anime waifu and then you can romance her. Ever since Steam allowed adult games to be published on the platform, we have got a lot of games but Koikatsu Party has got a lot of attention and positive reviews.


Adult games are not known for their quality and that is one of the reasons why Koikatsu Party is getting so much praise. Koikatsu Party was actually one of the top-selling games of June, the adult dating sim is available in VR as well but you do need the base game for that.

According to the official description of the game on Steam:

Shape, size, position, contours, dimensions—customize them all! Want pointy elf ears? Easy! Want to change the color of just one eye? Piece of cake! You have the ability to make a character for any type of setting you can imagine! Choose from a wide variety of different hairstyles. And even better, you can select different hair sections and adjust them individually for ultimate customizability!

Customization is one of the key selling points of the adult dating sim and people have made plenty of interesting characters in Koikatsu Party. You can get pretty creative with all the different options and realize your fantasy.

Players seem to love the game and it already has more than 200 overwhelmingly positive reviews and more than 350 very positive reviews. That is not bad for a game that no one knew about a while ago. The game is available in English but you do need to download a special patch in order to uncensor the scenes.

The adult dating sim Koikatsu Party might as well be the birth control pill for 2019. Plenty of people are playing it, even though some might not admit it.