The Grass is Always Greener is a King’s Fall challenge for The Basilica encounter in Destiny 2. It is a simple challenge that requires a little team-coordination. It requires you to rotate between the plates while depositing as much Deathsinger’s Power in the middle as possible. The challenge essentially requires that you do not grab the same Brand twice in a row — you will need to switch sides after each Brand pickup. And while this can result in a little complex rotation, it is not something that you should have any difficulty in handling.


Destiny 2 King’s Fall The Grass is Always Greener Challenge

In the section below, we have provided a complete rundown of the challenge:

After starting the encounter, split 2 players to go left and right. There should be an orb on each side that these 2 players must grab to get Brand of the Weaver. Once acquired, these 2 must stand on a plate at the end of each side and defeat enemies to increase Deathsinger’s Power. Please do note that leaving a plate for too long results in a wipe.

The remaining 4 players in the middle will defeat enemies until 2 Wizards appear on both the elevated platforms in the area. Once defeated, a Taken Knight will appear on each side which will drop something called Brand Claimer. Once dropped on each side, 2 players must get the Brand Claimer and run toward the people standing on the plates to steal their Brand of the Weaver. Now these 2 players must stand on the plates and defeat enemies to increase Deathsinger’s Power while the original plate-holders go to the middle plate to deposit their Deathsinger’s Power.

It is also important to note that Brand of the Weaver lasts for 30 seconds so you must do your rotations fast. It is also possible to leave the plate for a while and meet the Brand Claimer midway through if there is not much time left.

The job of the 2 people holding the middle area is to deal with Wizards, Taken Knights, normal Knights, and a couple of Unstoppable Champions.

To complete The Grass is Always Greener challenge, you must not return to your own plate after depositing your Deathsinger’s Power. For example, if you came to the middle plate from the right side, you will now go to the left side plate after grabbing Brand Claimer. In essence, it is just 4 players rotating with each other.

Master Tips

The only difference there is in the Master Mode of the raid is that instead of 1, there are 3 Unstoppable Champions that the team needs to deal with. It is important to note that Unstoppable Champions only appear after the team has deposited 50 Deathsinger’s Power in total.

You should be able to finish the Taken Knights as well as multiple Unstoppable Champions to generate almost infinite Heavy Ammo. By doing it, the people on Totems should have plenty of Machine Gun ammo to mow thourgh the adds. Since the Shatter from Stasis now stuns Unstoppable Champions, having some Warlocks on Bleak Watchers is not a bad idea at all!

For completing the challenge on Master, you will get a random Harrowed Weapon. It is important to note that these weapons are on a lockout — this means that if you have already obtained one weapon, you will not get it again from a challenge until you have completed your entire collection.

  • Arc Warlock with Vesper of Radius
  • Well of Radiance with Phoenix Protocol
  • Hammer of Sol with Synthoceps
  • Invis. Hunter
  • Xenophage, Gjallarhorn, Thunderlord, Commemoration, etc.

We recommend not relying on Primary Weapons a whole lot since you have to be on top of the ad-clearing game.

We hope these tips helped you complete The Grass is Always Greener raid challenge in King’s Fall. Be sure to see our detailed Destiny 2 guides page for more help on the game.