The Floor is Lava is a triumph that you can complete during The Daughters encounter in King’s Fall to get the Kingslayer seal. The triumph for The Daughters encounter has to be the easiest one unless a little platforming is not your thing. It is called The Floor is Lava and requires that the player who is Torn Between Dimensions never touch the ground. This is how you can complete The Floor is Lava triumph in the reprised King’s Fall raid:

Immediately after entering the area, you will notice that all 6 plates in the area, including the ones Daughters are standing on, will have small platforms right next to them. Each player in the team must stand on these platforms throughout the encounter. After the Knight is defeated, step on the plate to have someone get Torn Between Dimensions.

The player that is Torn Between Dimensions must jump to the plate on which the Knight appeared and jump to the orb. Weapons such as Trinity Ghoul, Forebearance, Witherhoard, etc. are good for controlling enemies. You will also get 4 Vandals each time someone becomes Torn Between Dimensions. After getting the third orb, slam it on the Daughter that is shooting to start the DPS phase.

I recommend using the loadouts below for easier DPS:

  • 1x Gjallarhorn 4x Hothead, 1x Divinity
  • 1x Divinity + 5x Wardcliff Coils

This is all we have got in how to complete The Floor is Lava triumph in King’s Fall. Be sure to see our detailed Destiny 2 guides page for more help on the game.

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