Xehanort isn’t equipped with a full deck and players have to get more cards in order to make a deck that’ll ensure their victory. Our Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Cards Guide will help players with how to get more cards and how to max out card levels.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Cards

Cards are everything in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road as they inflict damage, heal, cure Poison, and more. This Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Guide will help players with how to get more cards and how players can max out their card levels for a greater effect.

How To Get More Cards

There are two ways through which players can get more cards in the game. Acquiring cards isn’t complicated at all and is a fairly straightforward affair. Here is how you can get more cards.

The Shop
The shop is the obvious place to get more cards but, there is more to it. Open the shop and players will always have a free random draw every day. Players can also spend 300 Jewels to draw one card or 3,000 Jewels for 10 cards.

Remember that spending more doesn’t mean players will get better cards. A 300 Jewels can also net you a better card. It’s RNG, no it’s better to draw more cards instead of spending more on fewer draws.

Tickets is another currency to get cards but it’s a premium currency. One Ticket is required to draw a single card.

Completing Missions
Missions is the second way that can et players new cards. Players can get Darkside Heartless card by defeating 20,000 enemies, which you mich be able to do with Auto Battle.

How To Max Out Card Level

Before you even upgrade your cards, first choose the cards that you think are actually worth maxing out. Once players have enough cards they’ll start getting duplicates and passive effects start to unlock.

Having duplicates is necessary to max out a card. When the player gets a duplicate, it’ll be merged with the highest level version of that card and the level will increase. This will only work for the first 10 duplicates. The leveled-up card will get a boost to effectiveness and passive effects.

After that, the 11th duplicate won’t increase the card level and won’t merge. The 11th card then can be converted into BP or SP.

That is all for our Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Cards Guide with tips on how to get more cards and how to max out card level. For more on the game, also see our Xehanort Level Up Guide.

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