Kingdom Hearts Dark Road can be a difficult game to play and that is why the devs have included the Auto-Battle feature in the game. Our Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Guide will help players with how to enable this feature.

Enabling the Auto Battle is the easiest way to complete the game provided if the player is leveled up enough. If the players aren’t able to get through the level due to being under-leveled, then players won’t be able to get past the level with Auto Battle.

There are drawbacks to enabling the Auto Battle. It picks cards more slowly and can skip using healing cards when it needs them the most. With that out of the way, here is how to turn on the Auto Battle.

How to Turn on Auto Battle

While battling an enemy in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, players can activate this feature. While in a fight, look to the bottom left of the hand of cards. Tap the blue and rectangular button here. This will turn on the Auto Battle.

The three lines on the button will become arrows pointing upwards. This will tell the player that the Auto Battle is enabled. Do keep in mind that enabling it will reduce your damage per second and you won’t be able to tap reload quickly.

To summarize, start a battle then tap the blue rectangular button located to the left of your hand of cards. After that, Xehanort will fight off enemies on its own.

That is all for our Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Guide on how to turn on the Auto Battle. For more on the game, also see our Xehanort Level Up Guide and Cards Guide.

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