It’s only been a week and over 50,000 people have already registered at the King of Ecstasy pre-registration webpage! The team has decided to announce that in addition to our collaboration with “Sleepless,” we will also be working together with ONEONE1 to come out with popular “Samurai Vandalism” characters!

King of Ecstasy ft. Samurai Vandalism, Cross IP Collaboration. Sexy Samurai Girls are Here to Battle!

In a faraway land, there is a small island nation rife with turmoil known as Yamato. The people of the country are the sacrifices in the power struggle between the Hozuki, enforcers of the shogunate, and Byakuya, revolutionists fighting to overthrow the government. The Hozuki wish to maintain peace and order, while the Byakuya want to bring about change for the people. The two parties are more than willing to shed blood in order to defend their ideals.

What will happen when two worlds collide? Two members of the Hozuki are thrown into the neon streets and now work as hostesses. Will they be able to protect their samurai spirit, or will it be consumed in this modern city?

Mukuro and Azami from Samurai Vandalism are joining King of Ecstasy

Hozuki Warriors

Kamiyashiro Mukuro:

She has a strong sense of justice and is full of righteousness. Usually a person of few words, she gives people a hard to approach image. Little do they know that Mukuro also likes dolls, cats, and other cute things. As a Hozuki enforcer, she often participates in all kinds of missions. Her main role includes fighting monsters, offering protection as a bodyguard, and finding people… She is always on the frontlines fighting against her rivals, the Byakuya…

King of Ecstasy X Samurai Vandalism

Takachiho Azami:

Chief and core leader of the Hozuki, Azami has a very generous personality. In a fight, she is skilled at calmly and rationally analyzing the battlefield. Her love for alcohol has her frequenting pubs and bars. Yet, her low tolerance for alcohol often has the vice-leader, Ryu, cleaning up after her messes.

King of Ecstasy X Samurai Vandalism

King of Ecstasy Story Summary

In the world of King of Ecstasy, our protagonist is just your normal white-co-worker. After being a virgin for 30 years, he suddenly awakened the power, “Hand of God,” and is able to vibrate his right hand at high speeds. He accidentally touched his long-time childhood friend and made her climax. Push came to shove and our character found himself losing his virginity. From that day on, a carnal desire to conquer everything awakened in him. He vowed to become the King of Ecstasy, conquering women as the monarch of the night and living life surrounded by sexy women!

King of Ecstasy

Pre-register Now and Receive Exquisite Gifts

King of Ecstasy will be released exclusively in mid-November on EROLABS. Players can now pre-register and receive pre-register rewards from the EROLABS website or the pre-registration link below to complete registration.

Pre-register Now and Receive Exquisite Gifts

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