How To Beat Khan Maykr Boss In Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Khan Maykr

Khan Maykr is the ruler of the Maykr angels in Doom Eternal and this is one of the most anticipated boss fights in the game. In this Doom Eternal guide, we are going to go over how you can beat Khan Maykr.

How To Beat Khan Maykr Boss In Doom Eternal

This is a challenging boss fight as the boss can fly up in the air which forces you to look up. Not to mention the demons that are on the ground. What you need to know is that Maykr has six health bars. You need to attack her with your weapons until a health bar is gone. Depleting a health bar will stagger her in the air and remove the golden shield that is around her.

When her shield is down, you need to use the meat hook to pull her towards you and perform a blood punch. If you do not do this then the shield is going to go back up and she will regenerate her health. Going forward with the blood punch will finish the health bar and you can move on to the next one. This method will fill your blood punch meter as well.

You will need to repeat this process a total of six times in order to deplete her six health bars and beat Kahn Maykr in Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Khan Maykr

Khan Maykr Boss Tips

Khan can attack you from a distance with the energy wave and beam attacks. The defensive shield of your chaingun is going to help you against these moves. You will need to dash away to avoid the beams.

Khan is going to cover the floor with electricity. You can use a jump pad or a sing bar to keep you in the air. Note that close-ranged combat is not the way to go in this boss fight. Shotguns will damage the boss but will not be very effective. If you do want to use a shotgun then use Sticky Bombs mod.

Homing weapons are going to be very good in this encounter. These will allow you to focus on evasion rather than being accurate with your shots. You can also use the Ballista. It uses a lot of ammo but is very good at knocking enemies out of the sky.

That is all for our Doom Eternal Khan Maykr boss guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Doom Eternal guides hub.

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