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Where to Find All Cursed Chests in Kena: Bridge of Spirits


There are 13 Cursed Chests in total in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. These collectibles are needed to ‘Platinum’ the game. In this guide, we have shared the locations of all Cursed Chests in Kena: Bridge of Spirits in order to unlock the Curse Collector trophy.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Cursed Chests Locations

Cursed Chests in Kena: Bridge of Spirits are somewhat similar to regular Treasure Chests with a slight twist.

Opening a Cursed Chest spawns a wave of enemies as well as a random objective. It can be something like defeating all enemies within the allotted time limit, not taking a hit while defeating enemies, etc. Completing these objectives successfully lets the player get the rewards.

Below, we have provided a complete list of all Cursed Chests in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.


Village has the most number of Cursed Chests in the game – 6.

Cursed Chest #1
After entering the Village initially, head toward a side road to the right to locate it in plain sight.

Cursed Chest #2, #3, #4
For this, acquire the Spirit Mail from the Forgotten Forest and deliver it to the house up the stairs. Once done, clear the Corruption in the area to locate three Cursed Chests right next to one another.

Cursed Chest#5
After getting Adira’s Mask has been acquired, remove the barrier and continue to proceed south toward the Village Docks point. The chest should be toward the left.

Cursed Chest#6
The last Cursed Chest in Village can only be obtained after unlocking the ‘Dash’ ability. Once unlocked, proceed through the Mask Maker area and keep looking at the right side of the main pathway to come across it.

Rusu Mountain

There is only a single Cursed Chest in Rusu Mountain.

Cursed Chest #7
After meeting the siblings at the broken bridge that the Rot can repair temporarily, head toward the right to a ledge to locate it.

Forgotten Forest

This area contains two Cursed Chests which are not too tough to find.

Cursed Chest #8
Wrap to the Water Shrine and look for three submerged platforms near the cave. From there, stand on the middle platform and shoot the blue crystal directly above – jump over to the ledge to get it.

Cursed Chest #9
From the Sacred Tree point, continue to head downhill (toward the left) while facing the main gate to get it.


Fields also has a couple of Cursed Chests that can be found. The locations of these chests are provided below:

Cursed Chest #10
One can be found by going north of the Rot Hat Cart – directly outside a wooden house.

Cursed Chest #11
The second one is inside a house with a blocked entrance toward the right of the Fields point.

Village Heart

Similar to Fields and Forgotten Forest, there are two Cursed Chest in Village Heart.

Cursed Chest #12
There is one sitting on the wooden pathway (near water) that is toward the right of the main area.

Cursed Chest #13
From the main entrance, head inside the caves and jump up on the left side to collect it.

These are the locations of all Cursed Chests in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Feel free to check out our detailed wiki page on Kena: Bridge of Spirits for more help on the game.

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