Kemuri Is “A Blend Of Absurdity, Grandiosity, And Cheerful Comedy” Says Ikumi Nakamura


Kemuri is an original IP created by Ikumi Nakamura. Ikumi Nakamura previously worked on Scalebound and before founding Unseen and revealing the teaser trailer for Kemuri, she worked at Tango Gameworks on Ghostwire: Tokyo. The 50-second teaser trailer did not reveal much as was more of a proof of concept and hype generator than anything else but Ikumi Nakamura has provided insight regarding what her vision is for Kemuri and what fans can expect from the original IP.

Ikumi Nakamura Shares Her Vision For Kemuri

When asked bout Kemuri being another supernatural action game but with a different kind of energy, Nakamura mentioned:

The concept for a project like this has been brewing in my mind since my middle school days. Scratch that, even earlier. To be honest, it’s like the culmination of dreams from my Otaku era, an initiative that breathes life into those long-held aspirations. While my fascination with the mysterious and supernatural may have influenced my work, Kemuri presents a unique opportunity in my career, diverging from my past endeavors.

Okami remains one of the most memorable experiences in my career, and I had always set out to challenge stylized depictions. My intention is to craft a game within my expertise mysterious and otherworldly. Somehow, we have forgotten old tales, lost our beliefs, and misplaced the sense of mystery. Imagine a blend of absurdity, grandiosity, and cheerful comedy colliding with seriousness, all wrapped up in a package of both positivity and negativity. Within this chaotic mix, there’s always room for jokes and heartfelt moments that push the boundaries of the unexpected. Nevertheless, in this world, they persist as an unending presence among us.

While we do not know much about the game at this point. We do know that it is set in an urban jungle where players will face off against monsters called YOKAI to become YOKAI hunters. Defeating them will allow players to take their powers. Furthermore, there will be a multiplayer element to the game as well since the description mentions that you can adventure alone or with friends.

Let us know what you think about Ikumi Nakamura’s Kemuri and whether or not you are interested in checking out the game when it comes out. For more details, check out the official Kemuri website. For all things tech and gaming stick to RespawnFirst.

Source: Edge Magazine March 2024 (Issue 394)

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