Journey to the Savage Planet features a handful of side missions that the player can complete. There are many benefits to completing Journey to the Savage Planet side missions; you can unlock abilities such as grapple, gain resources, and upgrades. In our side quests guide for Journey to the Savage Planet, we will reveal how to complete them all.

Journey to the Savage Planet Side Missions/Quests

Alongside the main missions, there are many side missions in the game. The Planet of AR-Y26 is a huge one to explore and walking around can end up being frustrating sometimes. The best way to go about things is to unlock Fast Travel in Journey to the Savage Planet. To unlock this feature you need to complete Alien Architecture.

Alien Architecture

Your goal is to find some alien architectures with a small glowing silver ball in the middle. You will first come across one of these when you are heading to the cave during Jump! Jump! quest. Once you find and scan the first structure you will be able to unlock this side mission, Alien Architecture. Interact with the Alien Structure to unlock the ability to fast travel. The structure will link with your Javelin teleporter, giving you access to the savage planet’s fast travel system. You can now travel between Biomes on the planet, there are 4 Biomes and each has 4-5 teleporters. This is an easy to complete side mission from Journey to the Savage Planet.

Status Check

At one point in the game, EKO will tell you to head back to the javelin to do a Status Check. The side mission is basically useless but if you want to head some interesting back and forth between you and EKO then do complete this side quest from Journey to the Savage Planet. Go back and complete the survey to get a unique piece of dialogue.

Alien Edibles

On the planet you’re on, you will come across orange goo and there is a side quest. You need to collect 100 of this orange goo. It is an egg-like object that gives you HP and more stamina. The first of this orange goo you will come across is on the other side of the purple crystals you destroy once you have crafted the Nomad Pistol. The more goo you find the more you will need to upgrade your HP and stamina. You will find 40 in the Landing Area, 40 in the Itching Fields, and another 20 at the Elevated Realm.

Lost Cartographer

When going through Rollercoaster Rails, EKO might say that a Cartographer signal was lost somewhere nearby and will request that you look for it. Use the Fast Travel feature to go to Fungi of Si’ned VII. Go west from the Shrine until you head up a hill that has big tree-like growth on both sides. There you will find what you are looking for but the cartographer is being attacked by Kapyena.

Kill the enemies in this area and interact with the Cartographer to fix it. Now it is time to recover the Alloy, head inside the caves directly behind the location where you encountered the Kapyena. Go down the halls to the other end of the cave. Keep going until you reach the alloy. Collect the alloy to complete this side mission from Journey to the Savage Planet.

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