There are plenty of strange and amazing creatures and plants that you get to interact within Journey to the Savage Planet and one of these is the Meat Vortexes which you find blocking your way on several occasions. This guide will help you get past these carnivorous plants when you come across them in the game.

How To Get Past Meat Vortexes In Journey To The Savage Planet

Before defeating them though you should first know what a Meat Vortex is supposed to be. The vines that you see through the game blocking a path with circular bodies which is like an enormous mouth? Those are the Meat Vortexes.

Journey To The Savage Planet Meat Vortexes

How To Get Past It?
Now all you need to do is distract this meat-eater with a good meal, therefore to get safely past the Meat Vortexes you should have bait ready at hand. The vending machine at your ship or even the containers you find strewn around the planet are your sources to acquire this bait.

The Trap

Now that you have the bait, you need to keep a sharp eye lookout for a Pufferbird, though before that you might want to throw the bait in front of the Vortex’s mouth. I’m sure by now you get the picture of what we’re trying to accomplish here. Once Pufferbird land to eat the bait, the Vortex will suck the bird right in.

What You Should Know
However not all Meat Vortexes would be that easy to please furthermore some might be growing on high walls and it would not accept the PufferBird sacrifice even with all the steps mentioned above.

So What Do I Do Then?

Simple enough, after luring the bird with the bait you must line up with the bird while it’s consuming the bait, and then Press square, X or E while walking towards the Puffer Bird to kick it hard. If the kick is positioned correctly the bird would land straight into the Meat Vortex’s mouth. Brutal yet necessary.

That is all for our Journey To The Savage Planet Meat Vortexes guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to fast travel in the game.

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