Once you beat Teratomo in Journey to the Savage Planet you will have to find fuel resources afterward. The goal of this is to get enough fuel for you to fuel up the ship and head back home. In our Journey to the Savage Planet Fuel Locations guide, we will help you get back home by gathering enough fuel.


Once you get the fuel from all the below mentioned fuel locations you will unlock Journey to the Savage Planet “Home Swee Home” achievement.

Journey to the Savage Planet Fuel Locations

There are 20 different locations where you can find fuel in Journey to the Savage Planet. However, you don’t need to know about all 20 of them to get enough fuel to fill up the javelin to get back home. You only need 5fuel locations to get enough fuel for your ship and head back home. Here’s are the best locations from Journey to the Savage Planet.

Location#1: Landing Site (Towering Crystals)


Reach the “Towering Crystals” and use the grapple up to the platforms in front of the teleporter. You need to have the grapple unlocked for this part. When you are up there go straight to reach the next grapple locations but don’t go up. From the grapple up location keep moving forward to reach a save. You will find fule inside the cave.

Location#2: The Itching Fields (Fungi of Si’ned VII)

From “Fungi of Si’ned VII” head to the path toward the big brown overhanding area, go left to the area where it is red, there is a large flat area at the far end of it. Use your smash ability to access the area and find the fuel location you are looking for.

Location#3: The Itching Fields (Festering Chasm)


From “Festering Chasm” go forward up the blood grass-covered path and hook a right around it toward the grappling location. Go past that and you will come across a giant mushroom, the fuel location is behind it.

Location#4: The Itching Fields (Festering Chasm)

From the Chasm go right through the blood liquid and use super jump twice to reach the top where you will find a cave that needs an explosive berry to access. The fuel is inside the cave.

Location#5: The Itching Fields (Planetary)


From the Planetary Flotsam go forward and jump up the first floating platform. Keep left and cross platforms to eventually reach a grappling spot. Use it and go over another platform where you will see another grappling location to your left. Use the grapple here to float on a rail to reach a cave with fuel inside.

That’s it, these are all the Journey to the Savage Planet fuel locations.