Journey to the Savage Planet has a truly wondrous and fun-filled world waiting to be explored, however, the gameplay can become slightly tedious when you need to retrace your steps. In order to avoid that Fast Travel can come in pretty handy while playing. In this Journey To The Savage Planet Fast Travel Guide, we are going to go over how you can fast travel in the game.

The game makes this a bit difficult for you though by no signposting this system. True to the game’s style, you can only use this tool by finding it out yourself. The way to swiftly backtrack through is as follows.

How To Fast Travel In Journey To The Savage Planet

The basic thing that needs to be done, in order to fast travel, is the activation of the alien teleporters which can be found all over the world. This picture would help identify one when you come across it.

Journey To The Savage Planet Fast Travel


You need to activate each of the twenty teleporters which exist within the game, to travel between them. Once you manage the activation of the teleporters, you are free to fast travel to any other you have activated previously.

You have to reach the floating orb in the center of the alien teleporter and activate it. You can achieve this by pressing X on the Xbox, Square in PS4 and the E key (default key unless re-bound check your activation key in the options menu)on the PC, When you see the prompt on your screen.

Mostly this will be all to enable fast traveling through the game, but the trouble is afoot if the orb starts glowing red after the interaction. You will, therefore, need to dispose of the several waves of enemies that come your way. At least three rounds later the teleporter should stop its crazy phase and will go back to zen mode which indicates that it’s now safe to teleport. Press the same keys as mentioned above (E, X or square) to fast travel.

It will then bring up all the teleports and your Javelin, existing in that area of the game’s world. Using the analog stick just select the area you to want to travel to or in this case of having unlocked several areas, use LB and RB, L1 and R1 or the mouse to select them and gain access to their teleportation points. That is all for our Journey To The Savage Planet Fast Travel guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on fuel locations.

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