Back when Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order came out we had to deal with Oggdo Bogdo, one of the legendary beasts in that game. Now, with the release of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we have to deal with the Spawn of Oggdo, another legendary beast that is seemingly pissed off that you killed his relative.

The Spawn of Oggdo is the second legendary boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor after facing Rancor. If you remember facing the original Oggdo then you can imagine how hard Jedi Survivor’s Spawn of Oggdo can be. The boss is extremely hard to read and leaves very little room for the player to create offensive opportunities.

In this guide, I will break down all the details you need to know to defeat the Spawn of Oggdo and hopefully, limit his bloodline to Jedi Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Beat Spawn of Oggdo Boss Fight

The key to winning the Spawn of Oggdo boss fight is staying on the defensive. Anyone who tries to be aggressive and greedy with their attacks will quickly end up on the respawn screen. Spawn of Oggdo boss fight in Jedi Survivor is all about counterattacks, parrying, and blocking.

The parry timing is similar to the previous game, Jedi Fallen Order, so you won’t have a hard time mastering it. The easiest way to open this boss up for attacks is by parrying his Snap attack and landing a couple of hits before moving away. This tactic works for the better part of this boss fight but be careful when this is on low health because then it starts attacking rapidly so you can’t land more than a single hit per parry. You can try but it is risky!

Spawn of Oggdo Attacks List and How to Counter Them

  1. Charge Attack
  2. Jump/Slam
  3. Bite
  4. Jump/Slam 2.0

How to Counter Charge Attack

The charge attack can’t be blocked and you won’t be able to parry it as well which makes this one an unblockable attack. The best way to beat Spawn of Oggdo’s Charge Attack is to Jump and flip over him so that he charges below you.

Oggdo charge attack counter.

How to Counter Jump/Slam

Jump/Slam is one of the unblockable attacks; Spawn of Oggdo will lift his front legs and then slam them down on you but also create a tremor within a small AoE that does even more damage. So this attack is double jeopardy! Just before he slams his feet in the ground you can jump up to avoid this attack. However, I suggest you jump into him so you can immediately deal a couple of hits when you land.

How to Counter Bite

The problem with Oggdo’s bite attack is that it is hard to predict all of his attacks. He lands starting biting at any moment; whether you are close to far away, he will try to randomly bite you. There is a very small window to side step this so as soon as you see it or even a hit of it happening, side step and land a few hits on his stomach.

How to Counter Jump/Slam 2.0

To beat Spawn of Oggda you’ll need to overcome the final hurdle which is the Jump/Spawn attack 2.0. This is the same attack as the one we already discussed but it is much more powerful and creates a bigger tremor AoE when Oggdo is at low HP. The process of countering this attack is the same as the original Jump/Slam but this time you need to hang in the air for a second so you don’t land early.

Best Stance Against Spawn of Oggdo

The best stance really depends on what gameplay style makes you feel comfortable but Single Saber or Crossguard works best so that’s what I recommend for this boss guide. You can use any stance you like if that makes you feel more in control of the situation. Lastly, grab Steadfast and Elixir from Zee after the Rancor fight because both come in handy in the Jedi Survivor Spawn of Oggdo boss fight.

That’s everything you need to know to beat Spawn of Oggdo in Jedi Survivor. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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