(Update) It Looks Like Sony Just Filed A Patent For “Ring-Type” Controller

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Sony is not only working on a brand new PlayStation but a brand new Dualshock 5 controller as well.  In a recent Wired interview, Sony discussed certain changes made to the controller.  Dualshock 5 , first of all, doesn’t have a name yet but comes with adaptive triggers that offer varying levels of resistance.

Dualshock 5 also has hepatic feedback and an improved controller speaker which we speculate will work in tandem with PlayStation Assistant AI. Now, after little over a week of the Wired interview, Sony has filed a patent for a “controller”  but it’s hard to guess if it’s Dualshock 5 or something else. In any case, it is pretty interesting.

According to the patent filed on October 17, the controller can suppress an amount of protrusion of an operation member from an external surface of a chassis while the operability of the operation member is maintained.

Proposed is a controller which can suppress an amount of protrusion of an operation member from an external surface of a chassis while operability of the operation member is maintained. A controller including a chassis, and an operation member which is slidable along an extension direction of the chassis with a predetermined position as a reference, and is rotatable in a circumferential direction of the chassis with the predetermined position as the reference, and at least a part of which is fitted into a recess section provided in an external surface of the chassis.

Dualshock 5 Sounds Wacky

The patent doesn’t have images of the controller but the controller drawings are described to us, and the descriptions sound wacky (after further investigation we were able to find an image for the controller; the article updated accordingly). One of the drawings “depicts an example of a scene in which the controller is operated in a state in which the controller is placed on a desk”; this is hinting at voice commands through the controller’s built-in mic. Another drawing “depicts an example of a scene in which a user passes his/her arm through an opening at a center of the controller to touch other object.”

Taking notes from Dualshock 4, the new controller seems to have brought back the lightbar as well. One drawing is “depicting an example in which a light-emitting section is disposed at a predetermined position on an external surface of a chassis.” The most interesting part of the patent is the section that indicates the modular nature of Dualshock 5. The rubber triggers and  “rubber surface having two grip regions” can be mounted on the chassis.

It Has a “Ring Type Chassis”

The controller seems to be heading in a completely different direction from what we can tell. In terms of design, it has a ring-type chassis that is created to allow both right and left-handed players to feel comfortable playing.

In one of the drawings, a  user is seen holding the controller horizontally in a position where the jog dial is to the right side. But in another drawing, the controller is held horizontally but the jog dial is to the left.

If the controller has a ring-type design, the drawing where the user was able to pass his/her arm through the opening at the center of the controller makes more sense. Moreover, the aforementioned jog dial which the controller 10 has is slidable along the extension direction of the chassis. This allows right and left-hand use with ease.

The information provided in the patent document is fairly technical. You can check out the details yourself and let us know if there is anything we have missed or misinterpreted.

Update: Now that we were able to find an image of the controller, it looks more suited for VR gameplay. The controller in question might be for PlayStation VR 2. But only time will tell how Sony Interactive Entertainment plans to utilize this design if it ever does.

Update 2: The controller design is identical to the one used for Sony Toio.

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  1. Matthias Weise Reply

    Why are you stating it’s a DS controller, when it’s obvious it’s for PSVR2?

    We already know the DS5 will look very similar to the DS4.

    Btw Sony had patents for a controller like this many years ago already and nothing came of it.

    • Jake Bishop Reply

      At the time I didn’t have images of the controller so the first thing that came to mind was PS5’s Dualshock. But the image makes it clear it is probably for the PSVR.

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