Skins are Custom Deco’s in Iron Man VR and to unlock them players have to complete certain requirements. Our Iron Man VR guide will help players with how to unlock these Custom Deco’s.

How To Unlock Iron Man VR Skins

These skins or Custom Deco’s are just cosmetic upgrades and give no special boost to stats. However, some of them are actually good looking skins. But, to unlock them players need to complete certain challenges.

Not all of them are unlocked in-game, as a lot of the skins are unlocked if players have pre-ordered the game. The following are the skins that players can unlock along with their unlock requirements.

Skin Unlock Requirement
Impulse Unlocks automatically
Ombre Players need to destroy two enemies with Repulsors at the same time, one with each hand.
Scarlet Storm Needs 6 enemies to be destroyed with a single Auxiliary Weapon Shot.
Hostile Takeover Destroy 250 enemies using Auxiliary Weapons.
Camouflage Destroy 2 enemies with a single rocket punch.
Hornet Destroy 50 enemies with melee attacks.
Origin Armor Pre-order bonus
Vintage Armor Pre-order bonus
Silver Centurion Pre-order bonus
Ultra Violet Armor Pre-order bonus
Iron Patriot Pre-order bonus

That is all for our Iron Man VR guide on how to unlock skins.

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