Iron Man VR is coming out soon and the Director of the game Ryan Payton has confirmed that players can unlock a rather challenging secret mission once they have beaten the game. He mentioned that the mission is very challenging and is designed for hardware players.


He also mentioned (PlayStation Magazine August 2020) that not more than 85% of players will be able to complete it. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

There is a really strange and fun and extremely challenging mission that we unlock after you finish the game. This is only for the hardware and I am very curious to see what happens with the community once they find it and see if they can overcome it because I do not think that more than 85% of our actual playerbase will finish that mission.

Payton mentioned that he himself has not finished this secret Iron Man VR mission himself. He mentioned that he might not be able to complete the mission as it requires a level of mastery that he does not have even after developing the game for so long. He went on to mention the following regarding the Iron Man VR mission:

It’s amazing and fun to watch people attempt and actually complete it, I get goosebumps when they actually get through it because it’s such an intense and incredible challenge to overcome.

In the game, you will use the two move controllers and the rest of your body to move around like Iron Man. Payton mentions that the more time you invest into the controls and the game, the more you are going to actually feel like Iron Man.

Payton also mentioned that Iron Man VR is inspired by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater of all things, which is very interesting indeed. Iron Man VR is just around the corner so be sure to check out this secret mission when you finish the game.