Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast is out now and there are a couple of things that you need to know before getting started. In this Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast guide, we are going to go over some cheats, tips and tricks that you should know about to win.


Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast Cheats, Tips And Tricks

The following are the cheats, tips and tricks for Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast that you should know about:

The normal stages

At the very beginning of the game, you should rush through the first stages of the game, As these first few stages simply walk you through the basics and help you to level up.


You get to unlock the game’s features as soon as you start playing the first chapter. Once you have completed the first chapter you will unlock the Kingdom of Sands, this is when you have unlocked pretty much everything important.

3 Star Stages

You should focus on completing the stages of three stars. These give better rewards and some extra ones as well. If you are unable to complete them for the time being, you should come back to these stages once you have built a better team. You are able to check your progress in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to win all battles


Every battle gets more difficult in time and you will need to upgrade your characters in order to win in the long haul.

These tips will help you out:

  • Eddie needs to stay alive at all costs. Being the main character, if he is defeated then all is lost by default. Try Swapping out Eddie for another unit should his health fall to critical levels.
  • Every battle uses Sands of Time which is basically Stamina. meaning if you run out of this you cant play further and will need to wait.
  • After each battle, your team will heal. but relying entirely on this is foolish.

Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast Cheats

Play with 3x speed and Auto


If you are in a rush to finish the early levels, then you can try to speed things up a little by selecting the “3x” button to speed things up by 3 times. That is super useful no matter if you are using auto-battle or not.

Tap the screen at the right time

When you are attacking with any character, you will have a window of opportunity when you can tap on the circle that appears on the enemy. When you tap it, the attack will deal extra damage. If you tap the circle at the right time then your attacks will deal an additional 25% damage.1

Upgrade your characters

Every character that you will get can be upgraded. Therefore this will make them more powerful and thus increase your team’s chances of winning every single battle.

Level up your characters

You can level up your characters by using shards to give them some extra EXP. Characters also gain EXP from the battles. You can give green shards to green characters, blue shards to blue characters and red shards to red characters for bigger increases

Evolve the characters

After a character reaches the maximum level, they are ready to evolve. This will add another star and level up the character to a new increased cap. Eddie should be your first priority here.

Equip talismans right for your characters

Each of the characters can equip talismans of the same color as their element, so when you have a few good talismans you should equip them to your best-matching color characters. Try to always equip the right talismans because some of the bonuses you get will make quite a big difference and empower your characters. To unlock more Talisman slots you will have to Evolve your characters.

Log in every day to claim rewards

Every single day that you log in to the game you will be able to claim some free rewards which will come in handy. There will also be some limited-time in-game events, which you can claim also for simply logging in.

Complete your missions

You will receive a new mission each time you complete one. These are going to give you some useful rewards, so make sure that you try and complete them whenever you can. You can claim useful rewards, such as Talismans and exp shards.

These would be all of our Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast cheats, tips and tricks that we have for you right now!


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