Ultimate Iron Conflict Artillery and Missile Launcher Guide

Ultimate Iron Conflict Artillery and Missile Launcher

After a long wait, the PC exclusive Iron Conflict is finally out. In the game, you can control and manage multiple unit types to create the best possible formations. All units in Iron Conflict come with their own pros and cons, and characteristics. You can combine different types of units to form a well-rounded, strong formation. In this guide, we will focus on Artillery and Missile Launcher in Iron Conflict.

Iron Conflict Artillery and Missile Launcher

The following are the surface-to-air Missle Launchers.

Surface-to-Air Missile Launchers

If you are looking to defend your air space, surface-to-air missle launchers should be utilized. Compared to anti-air cannons, surface-to-air missile launchers have more range and damage. When these units are mobile they can’t shoot, when they are in launch mode they can not move; something to take note of. If you use the guided missle system, it takes some time to lock into the target. Also, there is a relatively long cooldown timer between each shot. You can’t use Surface-to-air missile launchers to target enemy ground units. However, their air visual range pretty good.

Surface-to-Surface Missile Launchers

Surface-to-Surface Missile Launchers are used to provide support for your other ground units. They have really great range and damage. They can reverse tough terrein and buildings. However, Surface-to-Surface Missile Launchers take too much time to aim and reload so you need to careful how and when you use it. It is best to keep these units away from the frontlines.

Anti-Air Cannons

Anti-Air Cannons are primarily used for defense. Just surface-to-air missle launchers, these units can protect your air space from enemy aircraft. Depeding on their positioning you can get a good view of the air and scope out the land ahead. Anti-air Cannons have poor mobility so don’t attempt to catch fleeing aircraft. Unlike surface-to-air missiles, these units can be used to attack enemy ground units. Avoid using it against units with heavy armor, focus on units with light armor. Use Anti-Air Cannons to provide support for your heavy tanks.


Artillery is used to provide medium-range support to your units. They have decent firepower so focus on heavy armored enemy units. Artillery has good enough mobility so use them to support advancing units. Avoid the frontlines and hide these units near wood or obstacles.

No matter what units you are using keep them away from hostile units. Getting too close could result in total destruction of your units.

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