The upcoming iPhone is getting an upgraded screen but you should not expect an under-display camera or Face ID any time soon. According to new reports, the iPhone is going to have either a notch, pill, or hole on the front of it until 2026.

Leaker Ross Young claims that the camera and Face ID system are going to evolve over time and it is going to take a couple of years before Apple adds an under-display camera and Face ID to the iPhone.

Leaks and reports suggest that the standard iPhone 14 models are going to retain the notch but the Pro variants will come with a pill and hole for the front camera and Face ID.

The iPhone 15, expected to release in 2023 is going to have a pill and hole for the front camera and Face ID across the whole lineup.

iPhone Pill

The following year, 2024, the iPhone 16 is supposedly going to have a hole and pill as well but the Pro models are going to come with an under-display Face ID and a hole for the camera. This should look similar to the Note 20 or S22 Ultra.

This is going to become the standard for the iPhone 17 and Pro variants in 2025. 2026 is the year we see the iPhone 18 Pro without a notch, hole, or pill. Everything should be under the display. The standard iPhone 18 will still come with the hole for the front camera through.

If this trend continues then the iPhone 19 lineup should have the front camera and Face ID under the display. This should be very interesting indeed as it is something that consumers have been wanting for a long time now.

Let us know what you think about the next few iPhones featuring a pill and a hole on the front screen and whether or not you are interested in getting a bezel-less iPhone.

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