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Octopath Traveler 2 Inventor Skill Item Locations and Best Items

Octopath Traveler 2 Inventory Skill Item Locations and Best Items to Get First


Are you curious about Octopath Traveler 2’s secret job, Inventor, and how to unlock its skills? Look no further than our guide to finding inventor skill items, the best inventor skill items, and their locations! Unlike other jobs, Inventor requires you to bring items from around the world to the guildmaster in order to complete inventions and unlock new skills.

Some items are easy to find, while others require some extra effort, such as stealing from NPCs or finding them in chests. Once you complete each invention, you’ll receive the powerful “All-Purpose Tool” divine skill, as well as some money and the Mechanical Top Hat armor. Ready to become an Inventor master? Read on for all the details.

Where to Find Inventor Skill Items

Inventor SkillSkill ItemWhere to Find (Locations)
Arkar’s Coil1x Natural Magnetite

1x Ancient Cog

1x Scrap Metal
Natural Magnetite is acquired from the NPC outside the Weapons Shop in Clockbank: Industrial District, Brightlands.

Ancient Cog is acquired from a Factory Worker in Roque Island, Harborlands.

Scrap Metal can be found inside a chest in Unfinished Tunnel – Southern Crackridge Wilds, Wildlands.
Hastening Hammer1x Guardian’s Axe

1x Great Blade

1x Soldier’s Bow
Guardian’s Axe is available from Weapons Shop in Stormhail, Winterlands.

Great Blade is acquired from a Soldier in Sai, Hinoeuma.

Soldier’s Bow is available at the Weapons Shop in Clockbank: Industrial District, Brightlands.
Elemental Bomb Bottle1x Rainbow Glass Bottle

1x Thunder Soulstone

1x Ice Soulstone

1x Fire Soulstone
Rainbow Glass Bottle found inside a chest in Conning Creek: Harbor, Harborlands.

Thunder Soulstone is available at Black Market in New Delsta Flats, Brightlands.

Ice Soulstone is available at Black Market in New Delsta Flats, Brightlands.

Fire Soulstone is available at Black Market in New Delsta Flats, Brightlands.
Tin Horn1x Mythical Horn

1x Tin Toy

1x Empowering Lychee
Mythical Horn is found inside a chest in North Beastling Traverse, Toto’haha.

Tin Toy is available at the Merchant in Department Store – Wellgrove, Leaflands.

Empowering Lychee is found inside a chest in North Beastling Traverse, Toto’haha.
Critical Scope1x Critical Earring

1x Unerring Earring
Critical Earring is available from the Weapons Shop in Canalbrine, Harborlands.

Unerring Earring is available from the Weapons Shop in New Delsta, Brightlands.

Elemental Bomb Skill Item Locations

You’ll need a Fire Soulstone, Ice Soulstone, Thunder Soulstone, and a Rainbow Glass Bottle for the Elemental Bomb Bottle. You can get the soulstones by pickpocketing NPCs, defeating monsters, and opening chests. The Rainbow Glass Bottle is a unique item that can only be found in a chest in Conning Creek’s harbor.

Arkar’s Coil Skill Item Locations

Three unique items are needed to acquire Arkar’s Coil: Scrap Metal, an Ancient Cog, and Natural Magnetite. You can get Scrap Metal from an NPC in Clockbank’s Industrial District. Simply use any of your party’s item-taking skills to retrieve it.

The Ancient Cog, on the other hand, is on Roque Island. It’s only available at night from an NPC. You’ll need to progress through Partitito’s story if you haven’t unlocked the boat to access Roque Island. You can find him next to the tavern in the house.

Natural Magnetite can be found in an “Unfinished Tunnel” mine in Southern Crackridge Wilds. However, you have to kill the NPC guarding the entrance before you can get it. You’ll need to open a chest to get the Natural Magnetite.

Hastening Hammer Skill Item Locations

You’ll need three items to make the Hastening Hammer: a Soldier’s Bow, a Great Blade, and a Guardian’s Axe. Soldier’s Bows can be bought in Clockbank, and Guardian’s Axes in Stormhail. It’s not a unique item, but you can only get it from a specific soldier at night in Stormhail’s tavern. Agnea can get the Great Blade from the soldier if she’s 37 or higher.

Critical Scope Skill Item Locations

The Unerring Earring and the Critical Earring, both required for the Critical Scope, can be found at weapon shops. You can buy the Unerring Earring in New Delsta, where you get Throné, and the Critical Earring in Canalbrine, where you get Castti.

Tin Horn Skill Item Locations

A Tin Toy, a Mythical Horn, and an Empowering Lychee are all required for the Tin Horn. You can get the Tin Toy by completing chapter three of Partitio’s story. When you’re done with Wellgrove, go inside at night. There’s a merchant inside who’ll have the toy, which you can get.

Best Inventor Skill Items to Get First

  • Arkar’s Coil
  • Critical Scope
  • Elemental Bomb Bottle

That’s everything you need to know to find all Inventor Skill item locations in Octopath Traveler 2. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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