Intel UHD Gen12 and AMD Renoir Mobile graphics benchmarks have been spotted and it seems that AMD is going to have the upper hand when these graphics solutions are released. AMD Renoir Mobile has not been announced yet but we might be able to learn about then come CES 2020, which is just around the corner.

Both AMD Renoir Mobile and Intel UHD Gen 12 are in development so take these benchmarks with a grain of salt but keeping in mind how quickly both are going to release it is unlikely that there is going to be any significant change in performance.

All AMD and Intel can do at this point is minor tweaking. You can check out the benchmarks of AMD Renoir Mobile and Intel UHD Gen12 below:Intel UHD Gen12

AMD Renoir Mobile graphics have the upper hand in this case and from what we have seen, gaming on integrated graphics could be a common thing in 2020. We have seen a couple of great APUs from AMD in 2019 and we might see impressive integrated graphics for laptops in 2020. You can check out the difference in the performance of both graphics solutions below:Intel UHD Gen12

AMD Renoir Mobile has the upper hand in all the tests here beating Intel by a fair margin. The Intel graphics part does have a small advantage in overclocked lighting benchmark but it is within the margin of error.

AMD Renoir Mobile

You can see that AMD Renoir Mobile has the upper hand in all the other benchmarks. The leak mentions that the graphics solution will be available in the first quarter of 2020. If that is indeed true then you can expect to hear about this product at CES 2020.

A while back AMD Renoir was spotted with 13CUs and a 65W TDP. We not only spotted mobile versions but desktop counterparts as well. While there is little that we know about these products right now, it will be interesting to see what AMD is working on.

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