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(Updated) Intel Core Ultra 5 CPUs Unable To Handle Gaming And Multi-Tasking


Intel launched the Core Ultra 5,7 and 9 CPUs at the end of 2023 and the new family of processors is supposed to be for premium laptops and features built-in AI acceleration to boost productivity while maintaining privacy and flexibility. Intel claims that these CPUs provide 70% better generative AI performance, up to double the graphics performance, and 25% better power consumption. With that said Intel’s official marketing also mentions that the Intel Core Ultra 5 CPUs are not capable of handling multi-tasking or casual gaming.

Update: Intel has now updated the Core Ultra product page to specify that the Core Ultra 5 is capable of multi-tasking and gaming but not as capable as the Ultra 7.

The previous marketing material was a bit misleading, especially for consumers that are not informed. The rest of the story is as follows:

Intel’s Official Marketing Says Core Ultra 5 CPUs Are Not Capable Of Multi-Tasking Or Casual Gaming

The Intel Core Ultra CPUs are mobile chips and are meant for laptops and consumers should not expect desktop-level performance from them but the ability to multi-task is possible even on rather budget-friendly and mid-range laptops. So it is indeed interesting to see how Intel’s marketing team suggests that the Intel Core Ultra 5 CPU is unable to handle multi-tasking even though the specifications are very similar to the Intel Core Ultra 7.

The Intel Core Ultra 5 135H CPU, for example, features 14 cores in total with 4 of them being performance cores, 8 of them being efficiency cores and the remaining 2 being low-power efficiency cores. The low-power efficiency cores have a base clock speed of 700 MHz while the efficiency and performance cores have a base clock speed of 1.2 GHz and 1.7 GHz respectively. The max turbo frequency of the cores is 4.6 GHz. While this might not be the most powerful laptop in the world, it is safe to say that these specs are more than enough for simple multi-tasking and even some light gaming.

Intel Core Ultra 7 155HIntel Core Ultra 5 135H
Total Cores1614
Performance Cores64
Efficiency Cores88
Low-Power Efficiency Cores22
Total Threads2218
Max Turbo Frequency4.8 GHz4.6 GHz
Performance Core Max Turbo Frequency4.8 GHz4.6 GHz
Efficient Core Max Turbo Frequency3.8 GHz3.6 GHz
Low Power Efficient Core Max Turbo Frequency2.5 GHz2.5 GHz
Performance Core Base Frequency1.4 GHz1.7 GHz
Efficient Core Base Frequency900 MHz1.2 GHz
Low Power Efficient Core Base Frequency700 MHz700 MHz
Cache24 MB 18 MB
Processor Base Power28W28W
Maximum Turbo Power115W115W
Max Memory96 GB96 GB
Supported Memory TypesUp to LPDDR5/x 7467 MT/s
Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s
Up to LPDDR5/x 7467 MT/s
Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s
GPUIntel Arc graphicsIntel Arc graphics
Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency2.25 GHz2.2 GHz
Xe Cores88

Compared to its little brother, the Intel Core Ultra 7 155H does feature 2 additional performance cores which should translate into better multitasking but that does not mean that the Intel Core Ultra 5 is unable to multi-task. It seems that Intel is trying to downplay some of its CPUs to mislead uninformed consumers into buying the more expensive options.

Let us know what you think about the marketing for the Intel Ultra 5 CPUs and whether or not you are interested in buying a laptop that is powered by one of these CPUs. For all things tech stay tuned to RespawnFirst.

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