The Intel Arc A730M is marketed to be the “high-performance gaming” GPU according to Intel but gaming benchmarks reveal that the performance is actually similar to the RTX 3050 Mobile, which is disappointing.

Intel Arc A730M Performance Similar To Nvidia RTX 3050 Mobile

A bilibili user posted gaming benchmarks of a laptop powered by the Intel Arc A730M graphics and shared benchmarks for different games including Metro and Assassins Creed Odyssey.

Title Avg FPS Resolution
Metro Exodus 70 1080p
Metro Exodus 55 1440p
Assassins’ Creed Odyssey 38 1080p
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Would not launch
CS: GO 183 2.5K
Apex Legends 100 2.5K
Elden Ring 76 1920×1200
Control 72 1080p
Cyberpunk 64 1920×1200

The laptop features the Intel 12th generation 12700H CPU paired with the Intel Arc A730M GPU. The GPU was able to handle Metro Exodus and delivered an average FPS of 70 at 1080p.

Intel Arc A730M Benchmarks

That number quickly drops to 55 average FPS when the resolution of the game is increased to 1440p.

Intel Arc A730M Benchmarks

While the performance is decent in Metro Exodus, the GPU barely runs Assassins’ Creed Odyssey at 30 FPS which is rather disappointing keeping in mind that Intel claims that this GPU should run AAA games well.

Intel Arc A730M Benchmarks

The user posted that the optimization for the hardware is very poor and that Shadow of the Tomb Raider would not run on the laptop. It would crash as soon as the game was launched and would refuse to run.

While the performance of the GPU is similar to the RTX 3060 Mobile when running Metro Exodus, it is around as powerful as the RTX 3050 Mobile in AC Odyssey. Two games obviously arent enough to say much about performance and seeing how this is new hardware, Intel might be able to get more out of it in the form of future updates.

Optimization could lead to better performance but this is a disappointing start keeping in mind that these laptops are out there are consumers have to deal with such performance from a “gaming laptop”.

Update: ITHome did some testing of their own and found that the A730M was able to run CS: GO at 183 frames at 2.5K and Apex Legends at 100 FPS. In order to run Elden Ring smoothly, you need to turn down the resolution to 1920×1200 in order to get 76 average FPS. The GPU is able to run Control at 1080p with an average FPS of 72. The GPU was unable to hit 60 average FPS in Cyberpunk at 1920×1200 and only delivered 54 average frames per second. You would need to tweak the settings in order to hit 60.

Intel does have the A770M, which is the top-of-the-line mobile GPU that the company has to offer right now. It features 8 more Xe cores and 4GB of additional GDDR6 VRAM but if optimization is the issue then that will remain the problem irrespective of the hardware.

Let us know what you think about these Intel Arc A730M benchmarks and whether or not you are interested in buying a laptop powered by Intel Arc graphics.

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