Mod support in Humankind is something developer, Amplitude, seems passionate about. According to Amplitude, modders will be able to alter the game in a variety of different ways as long as these mods do not affect the gameplay mechanics. In this guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to install mods in Humankind.

Humankind Mods

Installing mods in Humankind is a relatively simple affair. However, for people who have never modded before, this guide should help simplify the process a little.

Mods can be downloaded from different repositories available online. A few notable ones include NexusMods,, etc. As of right now, there are no mods available on NexusMods and only a few on website.

To begin, head over to the link provided above and download a mod – just click the file name to start downloading automatically. As for installing these mods, there are a couple of methods of doing that – manual and automatic.

In order to automate the process, connect Humankind to and download/update the mods directly. To do it manually, extract the .zip file using WinRAR, 7-zip, etc. and place the contents (should include ‘.hmap’ files) to the directory below:

Username > Documents > Humankind > Maps

Remember that it is only for custom maps which are available as of right now. We will update the guide for other types of mods once they become available.

Lastly, do note that the developers are working on improving the mod support even further in future updates. There is an entire page on Steam dedicated to how the modding will work in the game. Once the modding tools release, people will be able to create fixed maps, change AI code, import 2D UI assets, reuse existing 3D/2D assets, change localization, change game values, import materials, create full scenarios, etc.

This is all we have got in how to install mods in Humankind. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Humankind wiki page.


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