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Inscryption Cabin Puzzle Solutions Guide

There are multiple puzzles in Inscryption but pretty much all of them are tied to the cabin’s cabinet puzzles. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to solve cabinet puzzles in Inscryption.

Inscryption Cabin (Cabinet) Puzzles Solution

There are four puzzles you need to solve and most of them are pretty simple.

Puzzle #1: To solve the first puzzle you need to move all pieces to the attacking row before ringing the bell. This should solve the first cabin puzzle in Inscryption.

Puzzle #2: In the second puzzle you will see card abilities. Move 1/2 flying blocker in the attack row in the first column. In the second column don’t have anything in the attacking row. Now for the third column, have 3/2 cards in the attacking row. Last but not least, the fourth column should have the 1/2 card in the attacking row. All other cards should be out of the defensive row except the 1/2 lizard card to solve the second puzzle.

Puzzle #3: The first, second, and fourth columns must have the ant sigil cards in the attacking row. As for the third column, it should have 2/3 flying card in the attacking row. The first two columns of the defensive row are supposed to have 1/2 lizard cards. The third and fourth defensive rows should remain empty in order to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle #4: In the fourth puzzle, the first column should be empty while the second and third-row should have 1/1 bifurcated strike cards in the attacking row. Now for the fourth column, it must have 3/2 card in its attacking row. In the first column of the defensive row you have 1/2 spike defense card. Keep the second and fourth defensive rows empty. The third defensive row must have 1/2 lizard card to solve the final puzzle.

That’s everything you need to know on how to solve all Cabin puzzles in Inscryption.

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