Inscryption Cabin Clock Puzzle Solution Guide: How to Solve

Inscryption Cabin Clock Puzzle Solution

Clock puzzle in Inscryption is a bit complicated and it has the most stages than any other puzzle. You can find the puzzle directly behind the playing table and each stage must be unlocked before you can complete it. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to solve the cabin clock puzzle in Inscryption.

Inscryption Clock Puzzle Solution

To unlock stage #1 you need to set the clock to 11 and at that point, you should hear the clock make sounds and offer up a Golden Ring.

During stage #2 you need to open the chest puzzle by using the key found in the safe. Now you need to go through the bottom left combat puzzle to access the shelf and get the Caged Wolf Card.

You now need to play the Caged Wolf Card and have it beaten by enemy damage to free the wooden wolf behind the narrator. Go to the opposite wall to get the figurine. Near the wolf figurine, you should see a squirrel figurine with a golden knife. Put the wolf opposite to the squirrel to get the dagger.

During a winning encounter, use the dagger to stab your right eye. When you win the encounter you will get a chest with eyes inside to replace with yours. Choose the blue eye with moving sigils.

When you replace the eye go back to the clock. The new eye will reveal the correct position of the clock you need to complete this stage of the puzzle.

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