The combat design of Nioh 2 is certainly complex and might seem a bit too much to handle for new players. The stamina of your character is an essential element to keep track of during a battle. Increasing your stamina bar is a factor that plays an important part in your success. In this Nioh 2 guide, we are going to go over how you can increase the stamina bar.

How to increase your Stamina Bar In Nioh 2

It’s important to understand the battle system of the game first before we go on to our main topic. When it comes to Stamina, there are two things that it refers to in Nioh 2.

The first of those two is the emerald colored bar that will be underneath your health which is called the Ki. Similar to other games this stamina bar is continuously regenerating after being spent when your character attacks or dodges or is involved in other actions during an encounter.

Stamina Bar Nioh 2

The second one is the Stamina with the Capital S. It is one of the eight stats which form the design of your character. Now It is essential to know that if you raise your Stamina stats, it won’t be having an apparent effect upon your Ki. What it does is increasing your character’s max Life and the quantity of Equipment Weight they can wield without hassle.

However, when you need to increase the Ki stamina bar. Then you will first require to work on two of the other stats, namely Heart and Courage. When you increase the Heart stat, it will enable the increasing the max amount of your character’s Ki. This is the easiest way to increase your max stamina.

When the second stat, Courage, is increased, it will affect the speed of your Ki regeneration. This is very important as it will help you to get back your Ki Stamina quickly whenever you spend it. Just remember to have a balanced amount of both the Heart and Courage stats throughout the game, and your Stamina bar will remain stable during the battles in Nioh 2.

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