There are primarily 3 resources you should concern yourself with in Crusader Kings 3. These are gold, prestige, and piety. Prestige is all about a character’s social standing, gold determines wealth reserves, and piety dictates how virtuous or pious is. Things such as your character’s ‘Learning’ skill as well as religious relations increase a character’s piety. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how piety works in Crusader Kings 3 and increasing it.


As you increase piety, you’ll continue to rank up through different levels of devotion. Higher tiers of devotion provide a range of benefits including but not limited to taxes, issuing holy orders, consecrating bloodlines, increasing clergy opinions, etc. Lastly, do note that performing deeds that are shunned by Faith Doctrines can also cause a decline in levels of devotion.

Aside from increasing devotion, you’ll also need to be at a certain piety for different buildings. By being pious, you’ll also be able to request favors from holy figures, have religious people listen to you, and even call for holy wars. The following is a complete list of levels of devotion and piety required:

  • Sinner: 0
  • Dutiful: 1,000
  • Faithful: 500
  • Devoted Servant: 1,000
  • Paragon of Virtue: 2,000
  • Religious Icon: 4,000

Increase Piety in Crusader Kings 3

When it comes to increasing piety in the game, you should always check your ‘Tenets and Doctrines’. By doing these things, you’ll continue to increase piety gradually. As a general rule of thumb, try to do everything that you think will please religious figures and authorities.


Similar to prestige, random events in the game also steadily increase your character’s piety. Try to complete them and always check the tool-tips to get a better understanding of what will you get out of by completing an event.

Lastly, remember that visiting your religion’s holy sites will also give you a boost in piety. This can’t be done while you’re leading an army or at a war with someone.

This is all we’ve got in our guide to increase piety in Crusader Kings 3. Feel free to check out our detailed CK3 wiki guides.


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