Having enough health is important in any shooter and High on Life is no exception. You will face all kinds of enemies on your journey and having more health is going to come in handy. In this High on Life guide, we go over how you can increase your max health.

Increasing Your Max Health In High On Life

As you progress through the game, you will reach Blim City and you will also get the Bounty Suit. You will then be able to see your health and shield. You start off with 120 health. You do not have to worry about healing since you regenerate that over time. You can upgrade your health in order to take on tougher enemies that you face later on.

Once you get the suit, you will be tasked to head to the pawn shop which has items that you can use for upgrades. This is where you can find Durahealth containers behind the counter that you can buy for 1,000 Pesos. Each Durahealth container increases your max health by 10 points.

You can get Pesos to buy the Durahealth containers by completing bounties and opening Lugloxes. Lugloxes are containers that you can find in the different areas of the game. You will need Knifey to open them. Each container that you open rewards you with at least 1,000 Pesos. So you can get a Durahealth container for each Luglox that you open. You can get bounties by interacting with the bounty computer. Once you have completed the bounty you can turn it in to get your reward.

To summarize, you need to earn Pesos by completing bounties or opening Lugloxes. You can then buy Durahealth containers for 1,000 Pesos each to increase your health by 10 points per container.

This is how you can increase your max health in High on Life. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can mute Kenny, your primary pistol.

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