In the world of content creation and streaming, the decision to switch platforms can have a significant impact on both the streamer and their loyal fanbase. Recently, the streaming community was taken by surprise when popular streamer Amouranth announced her departure from Twitch to join the up-and-coming streaming service, Kick. This move comes in the wake of fellow streamer xQc’s high-profile shift to Kick, signing a lucrative two-year deal worth $100 million USD. With these notable departures, it’s clear that Kick is rapidly gaining popularity among streamers and posing a potential challenge to established platforms like Twitch and YouTube.


Amouranth, known for her gaming, ASMR, and NSFW hot tub content, dropped the bombshell during her seventh-anniversary stream on Twitch. In a surprising twist, she interrupted her stream to make the announcement, leaving her 6.4 million Twitch followers in a state of shock. The timing of her move, coinciding with xQc’s deal, suggests that Kick is attracting streamers with its enticing offers and potential for growth.

Kick, a streaming platform launched on December 1, 2022, aims to compete with industry giants by offering streamers a more favorable revenue share and more relaxed content moderation guidelines. Unlike its predecessors, Kick charges streamers less and provides an alternative for those seeking a fresh start or a better financial opportunity. Co-founded by Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craven, Kick has already made a significant splash in the industry by acquiring exclusive services from high-profile streamers like xQc and now Amouranth.

Back in March 2023, Amouranth hinted at a possible move to Kick but expressed reservations due to uncertainties surrounding the platform’s owners and investors. She was concerned that an exclusive deal with Kick might lead to a loss of her large Twitch community. However, it seems that xQc’s non-exclusive deal with Kick may have influenced Amouranth’s decision, as she could potentially operate under similar conditions. Although the specifics of her deal and its duration remain undisclosed, this unexpected move deals another blow to Twitch, which is losing yet another prominent figure from its platform.

Kick’s Appeal: The Attraction of a New Streaming Experience

Kick’s emergence as a competitor to established platforms like Twitch and YouTube has piqued the curiosity of both streamers and viewers alike. With its promise of more favorable revenue sharing and a less restrictive content moderation policy, Kick offers a fresh alternative to streamers who may be looking for a change. The platform’s growth potential is evident in the acquisition of high-profile streamers like xQc and Amouranth, signaling a shift in the streaming landscape.

Amouranth’s Decision: A Move Towards Financial Opportunities

While the details of Amouranth’s deal with Kick remain under wraps, speculations abound regarding the financial benefits she stands to gain. In a tweet confirming her move, she playfully alluded to xQc’s reported $100 million deal, jokingly asking if she could also secure a similar arrangement. This move highlights the potential financial opportunities available to streamers who choose to explore new platforms and negotiate lucrative contracts.

The Impact of Amouranth’s Departure: Twitch’s Loss and the Potential for More Switches

Amouranth’s departure from Twitch is undoubtedly a significant loss for the platform. As one of the most popular streamers on the platform, her absence will be felt by her millions of followers. Additionally, her move to Kick has sparked speculation about other prominent Twitch streamers who may follow suit. Trainwreckstv, a prominent streamer and owner of Kick, previously hinted at six potential acquisitions, further fueling anticipation among the Twitch community.