One of the first main quests you come across in Immortals Fenyx Rising Myth of the Eastern Realm is called My Heavens. The quest is simple and easy to complete and pretty much acts as a foundation for things to come in the Myth of the Eastern Realm DLC. Below is a complete walkthrough for Immortals Fenyx Rising Myth of the Eastern Realm My Heavens.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Myth of the Eastern Realm My Heavens Walkthrough

When the quest starts, follow the marker and you will hear someone from inside the dragon skull. However, your path is blocked by poison. Use a flaming arrow to clear the poisonous gas but you will first need to activate the poison seed as well as the brazier first.

Go inside the cavern to the right and move the two boxes to the upper level to place on the pressure pad there. The blue box below should now be free, leave on the first floor for the time being. Now bring the two boxes back down to their original position. Take the blue box outside and put it on the pressure pad near the poison seed.

Hit the blue box with an arrow to expand its size. Now you go to the pressure pad near the skull and stand on it to activate the poison seed. The next step is to shoot the arrow through the brazier.

When you enter the skull you will meat Hong and then you will have to free his sister. Go to the quest marker and complete the puzzle. Hit the blue cubes to expand them, go inside the structure, and hit the cubes to shrink them. Stand on the structure and shoot an arrow through the brazier to target the poison seed and free the girl.

And that’s the end of our Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths Of The Eastern Realm My Heavens. Need more help? See tips and tricks, How to Regenerate Stamina, Clashing Rocks Lyre Challenges.

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