Immortals Fenyx Rising has a lot of puzzles for the players to solve. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we will help players with the Pecking Orders’ puzzle solution to retrieve the Salpinx from Protector’s Jaws.


Pecking Orders Puzzle Solution

In this puzzle, players have to retrieve a Salpinx that is trapped inside the Protector’s Jaw which is a skeleton of a giant dinosaur. First, players need to open the jaw and then complete a sort of obstacle course using the bow and arrow. The following is how to solve the Pecking Orders puzzle.

How To Get The Salpinx From The Protector’s Jaw

First, players need to gain entry inside the Protector’s Jaw. The jaw has three teeth missing. Players have to find them and place them on the jaw to get it open. The teeth are scattered nearby the Protector’s jaw.

The first tooth is right next to the jaw, see the image below.


The second tooth that players need to place on the jaw is inside the little pond right next to the Protector’s Jaw. See the image below.

The final one is at the edge of the pond as shown in the image below.


Once all of the teeth are placed in the Protector’s Jaw, it’ll open. Stand on the round platform and fire an arrow which players have to maneuver through the round obstacles. Make sure to pass the arrow through all of these obstacles and once the arrow passes through the final one, hit the brazier and light it up. After that, a small circle will appear near the players and they can collect the Salpinx.

That is all for our Immortals Fenyx Rising Pecking Orders Puzzle Solution guide with tips on how to get the Salpinx from the Protector’s Jaws.


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