Hot Pot is a quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising that tasks players with finding a Pot in Clashing Rocks. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide, we will help players with the pot location in Clashing Rocks.


Immortals Fenyx Rising Hot Pot Puzzle Solution

The main objective of the Hot Pot quest is to find the Pot in Clashing Rocks. You can see in the image below where you can find the pot in Clashing Rocks.

Once you are at this location, you’ll be standing in from of a blocked door as shown in the image below.


This door needs to be opened and it can be done easily. Find a big rock and if you can’t find one, climb the mountain above the entrance and walk to the right until you come up to the location shown in the image below and pick up the big rock.

Take this rock back to the entrance and smash it into the blocked entrance. After that, go inside and the pot will be to the right.


That is all for our Immortals Fenyx Rising Pot Location Guide with tips on where to find the Pot and how to solve the puzzle.