Zeus’ Lightning is important to acquire in Immortals Fenyx Rising as it upgrades player abilities. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we will help players with The Path of the Olympians puzzle so that they can acquire Zeus’ Lightning.


The Path of the Olympians Puzzle Solution

The Path of the Olympians is an elaborate puzzle. The players must solve this puzzle in order to get to the top and get Zeus’ Lightning. Here is how to solve The Path of the Olympians puzzle in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

As you start the level, there will be a chest locked behind a red force field. Go to the right and there will be moving platforms there. Jump on one of the platforms.

While on the platform, players need to jump through the hold in the walls to progress. Players have to jump through three holes and they’ll come across the hall shown in the image below. The red circles are platforms where players need to place small square blocks to get to the Zeus’ Lightning.


The blocks have to be brought here by players through solving a series of puzzles. Go through the door to the right from here and interact with the terminal shown in the image below. This will spawn a square block but the door behind will lock.

Pick up the block and jump on one of the moving platforms. You’ll notice that there is a space between the walls with laser beams. Of course, players can’t go through there. Place the block so it goes through that space and players will jump through the hole in the wall as shown in the image below.


Go three walls and players will then place the cube on the platform to the right. The door behind the platform will open and there will be another square block sitting there. Pick up the block and go through the same wall puzzle as before. As you take the square block across, you’ll come across the same room shown in the first image. Place the block on one of the platforms.

Now go through the door opposite of the one you just came through. There will be another terminal to the left. Interact with it and a square block will spawn and the door behind will lock.

Again, players will take the block through a series of platform puzzles. This time, however, there is no space through which the block can go through and there will be gates in the walls.


Players need to through the blocks into the spaces, highlighted by the red circle in the image below, to open the gate so they can jump through the other side and pick the block again. Players will do this one more time and pick the block again.

Now players will be back in the room with two platforms. Place the block on the second platform. This will cause a draft of air to come out of a series of platforms ahead.

Use the wings to ride the draft of air and reach the top. Open the chest ahead and Zeus’ Lightning is yours.

That is for our Immortals Fenyx Rising The Path of the Olympians Guide with tips on how to solve the puzzle to get Zeus’ Lightning.