Immortals Fenyx Rising has tons of puzzles for the players to solve in side quests and main missions. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we will help players with how to get the clue in The Name of Love quest.


The Name of Love Puzzle Solution

The objective of the Name of Love puzzle is to “Get The Clue”. To get the clue, players need to solve a small puzzle and that is where our Immortals Fenyx Rising guide comes in to help you with The Name of Love puzzle.

How To Get The Clue

Stand on the platform as shown in the image below and fire an arrow into the brazier right in front of the platform. You just don’t have to fire it but, players have to control the arrow so it goes through the fire and lands on the braziers, highlighted by the red circle in the image, to light them up. So, light the left brazier and then the right brazier.

Immortals Fenyx Rising braziers


This will make 2 big square blocks fall from above the braziers and two laser beams will also shoot out. Avoid these laser beams as they deal damage. Here players need to move the square block on the left to the platform in the center while avoiding the lasers.

There is a small square block sitting on top of the platform where the big block needs to go. Use the small block to block the lasers and move the big square block and place it on the platform highlighted in the image below.

Immortals Fenyx Rising platform

Once the block is placed on the platform, the laser beams will go away. Open the chest in front of you. You have solved The Name of Love Puzzle and the clue is yours.


That is all for our Immortals Fenyx Rising Guide on how to get the clue by solving the Name of Love puzzle solution.



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