One of the main quests in Myths of the Eastern Realm is Sky Dragons. Most of the quest is based on two puzzles that you need to solve in order to complete Sky Dragons. Below is a complete walkthrough for Immortals Fenyx Rising Myths of the Eastern Realm Sky Dragons.


Myths of the Eastern Realm Sky Dragons Walkthrough

Dropdown into the cavern and behind you, and at the back of the altar you can find both puzzles. You do them in any order but in this guide, we will go around the back first.

Get on top of the structure and shift the blue cube to the yellow hatch on the ceiling. To do this, stand outside the catch and pull. Drop down and go to the pressure pad to open the front panel. While standing on the pressure pad shoot both dials to rid of the hatch. The blue cube will drop down so you can take it to the altar to place it on the pressure pad. Remember to shoot it to expand its size.

Go down the corridor from the altar and find a switch near the cage; use the switch to open the door but only halfway. Take the blue cube from inside the door, hit it to shrink its size, and place it near the half-open door. Slide to the other slide and pull the cube toward you. Take the cube to the other altar and hit it to expand its size.

And that’s how you complete Sky Dragons main quest in Immortal Rising Fenyx Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC. Need more help? See My Heavens walkthrough, Clashing Rocks challenges, tips and tricks, War’s Den Epic Chests locations, Legendary Mounts locations.