To unlock “A Symbolic Victory” hidden quest you will have to free a handful of Goddess Nike. Once you free all of them you will get the Love’s Embrace Armor in Immortals Fenyx Rising after you complete the hidden quest. Every Nike is trapped inside a birdcage at various locations. In this guide, we will give you all the Goddess Nike locations to help you unlock and complete “A Symbolic Victory” hidden quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising.


Immortals Fenyx Rising Goddess Nike Locations

There are 4 locations you need to visit to free all Nike pieces and make the Goddess whole again.

Goddess Nike Location #1

Go to the location shown in the pictures above and jump down the cliff. Right below the cliff, you will see a birdcage that has your first Goddess Nike.


Goddess Nike Location #2

Go to the War’s Den region and reach the location shown in the pictures above. Climb above the giant wooden bow where you will find another Goddess Nike on the next roof.

Goddess Nike Location #3

Go to the location shown in the pictures and head up to the highest point in the area. Next to the giant dead tree, you will find the next Goddess Nike.


Goddess Nike Location #4

This Goddess Nike is near the shore of War’s Den region. Climb up the broken structure shown in the picture and glide to the other side to release the Goddess Nike.

How to Complete “A Symbolic Victory” hidden Quest

Typhon split Nike into 4 pieces and now that you have all of them, “A Symbolic Victory” quest. The objective of this hidden quest is to find and free Nike. Fast travel to the Valley of Eternal Spring and follow the “?” that’ll take you to a cave at the bottom of a cliff. Don’t go all the way down, you’ll die. Simply enter the cave and watch the cutscene to free Nike.

And that brings us to the end of the Goddess Nike Locations guide. Visit the Immortals Fenyx Rising Wiki for more helpful content such as the Observatory puzzle solution, Forgelands Myth puzzle, and more.



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