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Immortal Life: How To Get Luminous Sand (All Methods)


Luminous Sand is primarily found in the Mines located in the Misty Valley. Look for red crystal-like structures, including stationary structures or crystal monsters, to mine for Luminous Sand. It begins to appear on the 4th floor, with increased spawn rates on the 6th floor and above​.

Upgrading your pickaxe is crucial for mining Luminous Sand effectively in Immortal Life. Visit the Blacksmith’s Shop in Ferry Stop for this purpose. You’ll need the following to upgrade your pickaxe:

  • 20x Lumber
  • 10x Obsidian
  • 1000x Spirit Shards or 1x Spirit Stone

The mines are filled with monsters, so ensure you are well-equipped with MP and HP elixirs or sufficient food for survival. This preparation is key to exploring deeper floors where Luminous Sand is more prevalent.

Increasing Drop Rates

  1. Raising Divinity Status: Opening lectures and raising your divinity status can significantly increase the drop rate of luminous sand in the caves​​.
  2. Focused Farming Locations: For maximum efficiency, on the 6th floor, head to the right bottom, and on the 7th floor, go to the water spot. These specific locations are more likely to yield luminous sand​​.

Blacksmith Quest

  1. Unlocking Regular Supply: Completing a quest for the blacksmith, which requires 20 luminous sand, is critical. After completing this quest, the blacksmith will stock 10 luminous sand in his shop for you to buy every solar term cycle (every 3 days)​​.
  2. Prioritization: It is advised to complete the blacksmith’s quest as early as possible. This will make subsequent quests requiring luminous sand much easier as you can purchase it directly from the blacksmith​​.

Focus on gathering 20 luminous sand to complete the blacksmith’s quest first. This will ease the process for future requirements. Max out your divinity as it significantly influences the drop rate in the caves. This will make your mining efforts more fruitful.

Use the portal to quickly access crystal nodes and reset them, making your farming sessions more efficient. The drop rate for luminous sand is relatively low, so patience and persistence are key.

Alternative Method

Utilize Li Mengqing’s ability to collect various materials, including Luminous Sand, once the Main Hall is rebuilt. She can gather rarer materials, but the quantity might be limited, and it takes three in-game days for her to return. For efficiency, combine direct mining with sending Li Mengqing for collection. This dual approach can yield more Luminous Sand over time.

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