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Immortal Life: How To Get Leather Fast

In Immortal Life, acquiring leather is an essential part of various crafting and construction activities. Leather primarily drops from lizards and other four-legged monsters in the game​​. The primary way to obtain leather in Immortal Life is by fighting certain monsters.

Leather can be acquired as a drop from lizards and other four-legged monsters​​. These creatures can be found in various locations throughout the game, but one notable area is the Stalactite Cave, located to the east of the player’s hut. Here, players can engage in combat using swords and other weapons to defeat these creatures and collect leather.

A critical source of leather in Immortal Life is defeating salamander monsters located in the mines. These creatures, often found in the watery areas of the first level, occasionally drop leather when defeated. However, these drops are not very common, so players might need to engage in multiple battles to acquire a significant amount of leather.

It’s important to note that salamanders, which are key to obtaining leather, don’t appear beyond Level 1 of the mines. For players aiming to gather more leather, a useful strategy is to repeatedly return to the first level. By exiting and re-entering, the monsters will respawn, providing fresh opportunities to engage in combat and potentially acquire more leather.

While salamanders are a primary source, other monsters in the game might also drop useful items, though they don’t seem to drop leather. For those looking to maximize their loot collection, exploring different areas and engaging with various creatures can be beneficial.

Progressing through the main quests in Immortal Life is also essential for players looking to gather leather. As you advance in the game, new areas and opportunities for combat open up. Specifically, a character named Yang eventually guides players to the Stalactite Cave, where they can start encountering the monsters that drop leather.

This approach not only provides leather but also enhances the overall gaming experience by exploring the rich narrative and diverse environments of Immortal Life.

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