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Immortal Life: How To Get Bamboo (All Methods)


In the Guiyun Cultivation Sect world, bamboo isn’t just another resource; it’s integral for crafting decorative furniture, enhancing your living spaces, and constructing vital buildings. These enhancements are more than cosmetic; they play a crucial role in recovering HP, MP, and Stamina.

bamboo locations on the map.

Bamboo is nestled in the Sunset Forest, adjacent to the Misty Valley. However, accessing it requires completing a specific quest and enhancing your tools:

  • The Sunset Forest Quest: Triggered while exploring the Misty Valley, this quest involves interactions with Li Mengqing and Yang Ziqin. They guide you on enhancing your axe to cut through dense vines blocking the path.
  • Enhancing the Axe: To upgrade your axe to Level 2, gather the following materials: 20x Stone, 20x Obsidian, and either 1000x Spirit Shards or 1x Spirit Stone.

Once the vines are cleared, you can enter the Sunset Forest. Here’s how to harvest bamboo effectively:

  1. Find the Bamboo: Located to the left of the entrance in the Sunset Forest.
  2. Harvesting: Use your enhanced axe to collect both standard Bamboo and Superior Bamboo.

Bamboo in ‘Immortal Life’ serves multiple purposes. You can create furniture that aids in recuperating HP, MP, and Stamina. Moreover, Bamboo is essential for crafting stations and the Warehouse, a key structure for storing your accumulated items and materials. and it is also used it come cooking recipes.

If gathering bamboo in the forest is not feasible, you can buy it from the blacksmith in the game​​. Since bamboo is available in spring, plan your activities and quests around this time to maximize your bamboo collection.

Upgrade your axe as early as possible to ensure you can access bamboo-rich areas in the forest. Regularly check the quest board for opportunities to earn bamboo or bamboo-related rewards.

Note: Keep an eye on the board quests, as some of them offer bamboo or related items as rewards. For example, a quest from Zhou Qian’er requires delivering 10 spring bamboo shoots for a reward of 500 Spirit Stones​​.

Crafting and Building with Bamboo

  • Recipes: Bamboo is a key ingredient in recipes like the Yanduxian (Spring Bamboo Shoot 6, Pork 2, Cured Pork 2) and the Braised Bamboo Shoots Recipe (Spring Bamboo Shoot 4, Soy Sauce 2)​​.
  • Construction: Bamboo is also used in building decorative items. For instance, designs like the Bamboo Bench (Bamboo 15, Superior Bamboo 5) and Bamboo Desk (Bamboo 8, Superior Bamboo 3) require bamboo as a material​​.
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