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Immortal Life: How To Find Krill Locations


In “Immortal Life,” one of the intriguing quests involves helping a character named Zhou Xing, who requires krill to assist his son. Zhou Xing is situated at the Ferry Stop, specifically near the docks, and he’s only present at night. Look for an elderly man with a quest-indicating exclamation mark above his head.

Engage in conversation with Zhou Xing to begin his quest. He needs krill but doesn’t initially offer anything in return. Equipped with a fishing pole, head to the edge of the dock near Zhou Xing’s location. A prompt will appear, allowing you to fish.

Zhou Xing map location.

Krill Is Only Available At Night

Krill can only be caught at night. This crucial piece of information is revealed by Zhou Xing after you already have at least one krill in your inventory. You can start fishing at the docks near Zhou Xing. Based on experience, fishing in this spot at night tends to yield krill regularly. Just make sure to fish with your fishing pole at night and you’ll catch a Krill in no time.

Once you provide Zhou Xing with the needed krill, he rewards you with a new recipe – a shrimp omelet, enhancing your culinary options in the game.

You can check the types of fish available at each fishing spot by clicking the fishing spot icon on each map area. This can help you identify other locations where krill might be available​​. There are board quests in the game that involve delivering krill, such as the quest from Jiang Ping, who rewards 500 Spirit Stone for krill​​. This highlights the importance and recurring need for krill in various quests.

Catching krill in “Immortal Life” requires understanding the right location and timing. By visiting Zhou Xing at the Ferry Stop at night and fishing at the docks, players can successfully catch krill and complete quests, earning rewards like new recipes.

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