Breach of Demise has 6 Korok locations for you to find. Once you are done finding all Korok locations in Hyrule Field, it is time to move to the Breach of Demise. In this guide, you will find all Breach of Demise Korok locations in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Korok seeds sometimes hide as flowers, other times you can find them inside chests or balloons.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Breach of Demise Korok Locations

So far we have been able to find 6 Korok Seed locations in the Breach of Demise.

Korok Location #1

When you exit the first outpost you will find a flower along the right wall.

Korok Location #2

When you are in the second outpost a Guardian will appear. Take the path that Zelda did not take to reach a dead end. Look for a tree stump.

Korok Location #3

Go to the Lizalfos outpost in the southern part of the map. Look for a flower over a cliff to the south.

Korok Location #4

When you reach the outpost in the area that takes you to the second Guardian, go through the opened gate and locate the balloon overlooking the cliff.

Korok Location #5

Capture the second outpost and before the first inactive guardian in the south, locate a flower in front of the tent to your left.

Korok Location #6

To the right side of the second guardian, you will find a wooden path with something glowing at the end. Activate the glowing spot to get the Korok.

And these are all of the Breach of Demise Korok Seeds in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. If you need more help check out how to unlock outfits, The Battle of Hyrule Field walkthrough, cooking recipes, and more.

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